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Team Sparkle Twitter Party!!

It’s this week – RAGNAR… More on that later though :)

For now… join Team Sparkle on Twitter this Wednesday!

We’re having a party & YOU are invited!

Join us next Wednesday, April 17th at 5pm PST (6pm MST, 7pm CST & 8pm EST) for a #TeamSparkle Twitter Party.

There will be lots of prizes so I hear!

If you want to take part in the Twitter party, just log onto twitter and search the tag #TeamSparkle! You will see a feed of everyone who is posting using the #TeamSparkle tag. During the party, the host (@runTeamSparkle) will be asking lots of questions about rocking the sparkle & running. Questions will be in this form:

Q1:  What’s your favorite thing about rocking a sparkle running skirt? #TeamSparkle

That’s your cue to answer! Just tweet something like this:

“I love passing guys while rocking my sparkle skirt!” #TeamSparkle

Twitter Party Tips & Tricks:
* Include #TeamSparkle in each tweet, otherwise no one will see it in their feed

* Make sure you’re “following” our twitter party host @runTeamSparkle & our panelists @thisiscarrie@cupcakeactivist @according2kelly

AND this is where I’ll be this weekend… Another post coming up soon about what’s happening here :)

Team Sparkle NEWS:
Once again Team Sparkle is running the SoCal Ragnar next weekend, April 19th & 20th. Follow our ULTRA runners on twitter:

I’ll try to head into the chat for a little bit between work! :) And yes, Team Sparkle emailed me this awesome photo and great info on how to join the party ~ I just wanted to share the fun with you.


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