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Running for Boston

This morning I went for a 4 mile run, but it was different than normal. I thought so much about what happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon. It hit me really hard as I have crossed finished lines and I thought a lot about when I was working for a race management company as well. I was sitting silently at my desk at work, with my facebook news feed filled with people checking in letting their loved ones know they were safe and it was surreal to me that this was happening.

I can tell you, every time I cross a finish line, there is a sense of pride. Whether it’s a new personal best, a race I never though I’d run, something I ran with a friend, from a 5K to a Marathon, it doesn’t matter the distance, there’s always a sense of accomplishment. It’s always exciting and undoubtedly the best part of any running event.

I thought a lot about my past job. The most special thing to me about that job was the finish line. It’s this cumulative effort for the race directors and the runners. I would always find time, no matter what race we were at to watch the finish line, and usually it would fire me up to sign up for my next race.

When a participant crosses the finish line, you can see their raw emotion and feeling pouring out as they cross the finish line. You see the signs of the spectators, cheering their loved one on, you see your hard work coming to fruition. Participants see their hard work paying off. Volunteers placing medals on necks, the clock continuing to run as more and more people cross the line. Hands over their heads, big grins, and such a sense of pride. It was my favorite part event, just standing there watching strangers cross the finish line. You plan for runners cramping, fainting, injuries like pulled hamstrings, or scraped knees, but nothing like this. Nothing where someone would blatantly attack something so innocent.

I cannot put into words my sadness of this event, and how they tried to take away the euphoric feeling from so many people, and took the lives of innocent people.

I’ve seen so many runners come together, and I know the running community is amazing. I see it through the comments on my blog, the races I’ve run, and the volunteers and community who stand beside each other, and I feel like event is no different. I know it will bring runners together even more, in sadness and in celebrating a sport we will always love.

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My heart breaks for those who had to experience this. So this morning when I ran, I ran for Boston. I will continue to run with them on my mind and my heart.


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