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New shoes and Tie Dye Sunsets

It’s pretty obvious and I am loving all the #RunFor Videos that are leading up to the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, in which I will be running the Half Marathon. They have given me inspiration each week and reminded me that I do need to train, as the race is quickly approaching!

This weeks was no different, you can see it here… They are all so well done and just a little different that it makes them interesting to see what other people are running for, and how they fit it in.

My hardest thing is making it a priority and getting it done. I drive an hour to get to work and an hour home daily and I usually work around 9 hours a day, which isn’t a big deal, I like my job but when it comes to leaving at 8 am and coming home at 7:30 every night, there isn’t much time to run, especially as the miles are starting to add up as the training runs are getting longer. Last night I didn’t have any excuses when I got home when I saw that I could run under this pretty tie dyed sky. How could I say no?


 This morning before work I definitely didn’t want to get out of bed, but when I finally was outside and had my shoes laced up, I felt so much better. New shoes give you some extra motivation too.

This week thus far I have ran 21 miles. I have a 9 miler on tap for tomorrow morning, and then I’m going to also be running a shorter run in the evening, probably only 2-3 miles, just to get in another double day. Here’s to a great weekend filled with lots of foam rolling, theragesic, and running!


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