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Weekly Run Recap

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After last weekend, I pretty much feel like this that it’s still light when I get home because I’ve been able to get in a lot of running! Finally now that I’m back in training, I’ve been tracking my mileage and making sure I get it done. I’m not only training for Ragnar… but I’m also going to be running the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May and I’m SO excited about it! I haven’t had this kind of motivation in a while and I feel like I am in a good mental and physical place to train. Last Saturday I ran the Lakewood 5K, which was also a great benchmark to where I am right now.

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This week I ran 2 miles on Monday, 4 miles on Tuesday, 3.5 miles on Wednesday,  walked 2 miles on Friday and ran 3 mile interval on the treadmill on Saturday.

Yesterday I was really nervous but knew that I had to get a long run in to start building up my mileage. I decided to get powered up by some serious carbo loading and downed some buffalo wings, green beer and cheese fries. I also wanted to run in the evening to get used to running at different times of the day. I ran 7 miles and even though I hesitated a few times to keep going throughout the run, I felt great!

I came home and immediately foam rolled my it band and lower back since they were both a tad tighter than usual, but I’m glad I was able to run that far with no issues. When I got to about mile 3 I started to get my stride and feel comfortable. I’m feeling more and more excitement for Ragnar and Pittsburgh!


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