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Lisa & Sally – Running for Each Other

Ever since I started following the Dick’s Sporting Goods Facebook page after deciding to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, I’ve been impressed by their social media and the videos they are doing for what you ‘run for’. These showcase some of the runners that will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon! After the first one I was blown away by how good they were and how touching it was. I thought to myself, well that’s going to be a hard one to top! Then I saw this one.

Though I didn’t experience loss like Sally did, I did experience a loss in my family when I lost my mom and this video had me in tears. It’s shared the same feelings that she did when her husband died, and when I saw their story, I had a pit in my throat. I run for the same thing! Running in general allows me to clear my mind and just like they said in the video, sort things out that you wouldn’t normally think about.

Watch this video… it will inspire you and you’ll really enjoy your next run. (If you want to see the first one you can see it here too!) They will be posting 13 videos leading up to race day and I’m going to watch all of them because during my training runs I really think about what I run for and how important running is to me.


Such an amazing story. I #runfor me. For peace of mind. For Clarity and for life.



* I am sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods as a member of the #RunFor Team to run the upcoming Pittsburgh Half Marathon. All my #runfor posts and tweets are sponsored posts that will be compensated by Dick’s Sporting Goods. All the tweets, posts and facebook updates about the #RunFor videos and the Pittsburgh Half Marathon are my own opinions and original content.

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