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Approximately 4 years ago, I posted about going to a small election party for my family friend, Dan Koops… This year he was up for reelection and there was another party!


He was reelected and it was a lot of fun, a lot of our family friends were there so it was nice to spend some time catching up and it was exciting to see the results come in over the evening. Here are the final results below… Another 4 year term for Koops! :) I was bummed, I forgot to take a photo with him this year but here are two little photos from the party.

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 10.31.49 AM

And I took a photo in front of the house with the signs too!


As for running, I have a pretty big announcement… and I’m super excited about it! I also need your help though, because I’ve never trained for anything like it! I’m running a Ragnar Ultra Race with Team Sparkle April 19-20 from Huntington Beach to San Diego! I cannot wait, and I know it will really push myself back into training mode which is exactly what I need. I have been running 2-4 miles 2-3 times a week at about 9:30 pace but I am ready to start actually logging those miles and training hard again. With my IT Band feeling much better, it’s time and I’m really looking forward to Ragnar ANNNNND I have another little something coming up in May but I’m waiting a little bit longer to share that race :)

Monday evening I ran 2 miles at 9:49 pace, and did have to stop twice to tie my shoes, which are new and for some reason kept coming undone, and then the following morning on tired legs I ran a quick little 5K before work. Today is my rest day, but here’s my question for you ragnar runners…

How many miles do you run per week when in training? Since we are doing the ultra, it will be 6 legs of running. Should I do 2 a days 2 times a week to get your legs a little more used to being ‘tired’ and running, or should I just shoot for longer distances? I was considering this type of schedule with a few evening and early morning runs to get my legs used to running on tired legs.


Running on Monday PM (3 to 4 miles speedwork)
Tuesday AM (4 to 8 miles, at my peak of a longer, slower paced run)
Wednesday rest day
Thursday PM (3 miles speedwork)
Friday AM (4 to 6 miles longer, slower paced run)
Saturday gym/cross training
Sunday rest day


I am still working on my schedule but am looking forward to training for a race again soon. I also am going to run the Lakewood Sheriff’s 5K this weekend and I’m looking forward to a fun neighborhood run, they are usually my favorite!


I look forward to reading your responses about training for a relay, it’s something new for me.



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