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Vine and Juice

So I’ve been playing around with the vine app for work, and this morning I decided to make some juice for the day. So I made this little vine vid with my favorite juice that I had this morning for breakfast.

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 10.14.01 AM


Though a bunch of people were saying yesterday that all they saw was porn on the app, which I have yet to see, and I’m not looking for it, from a work standpoint it seems to have some interesting features and I do like the fact that it basically makes a glorified .gif.


I also like that it seamlessly integrates with twitter and gives you some options for filming small clips without much preparation. It easily got across what I was sharing in a fun, new eye catching way, and didn’t take me forever to make. I also could have typed out “2 carrots, 1 apple, 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar makes great morning juice” and tagged Breville, but this was so much easier, minus the fact that I forgot it has sounds and therefore it sounds terrible. Oh well, next time I will try something different. I’m also not seeing embed options, but I’m sure that’s only a few updates away, if the app takes off.


It can get a lot across in such a short period of time. Great for workout moves, scenery shots, time lapse and food. So I think with a few tweaks to the app, Vine will be up and running smoothly and will be used widely, but who knows, facebook might buy it and change it terms and everyone will freak out for a week but still use it…


That’s my work related nerd rant for the day.



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