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The Newest Member of the Family

Meet Sophie!

This is her getting used to her new backyard!

This is her getting used to her new backyard!

B and I had been discussing getting a dog to play with George while we are at work. Seems a little strange but we are gone a lot and George does well with other dogs and sometimes we felt like he was lonely. We decided to get another dog about a week before Christmas, and looked at a few shelters. Needless to say, adopting a dog was much harder than we thought. The first shelter we went to we found a dog that was in the sick area. He had to wait back there for two more weeks while we called daily to see if he was adopted or if he was out of the sick area. Once he got out of the sick area, they also had pretty strict rules about bringing your dog into meet the dog you wanted to adopt. I brought George in and after a horrible way of introducing the two, they deemed George to be aggressive and said the adoption wouldn’t happen. I think any dog is aggressive when you dangle a puppy infront of a dog on a leash and hold him back.

We found a few other dogs we liked but every time by the time we went to the shelter they were all adopted. We then read into it a little more and decided that a girl dog would be a better fit for George. I went and looked at dogs Sunday afternoon, and the one I wanted was still available. I said we would take her home and we both went to pick her up on Monday evening.

Her inside. I love her little feet!

Her inside. I love her little feet!

The day  I decided to adopt her, I took her out in the little pen when you can meet with the dog and I cannot lie, I was a bit worried about how scared she was. It seemed like she had been abused and was just very skittish  She did like being held, but her tail was between her legs the entire time and she peed all the time on herself because she was so worried.  She barely looked at me and was just shaking with fear. She wanted nothing to do with any of the toys or even the treats in the little pen area and I was worried that she was not going to come out of her shell. The fact that we were getting a dog to be a playmate for George was the only thing that worried me. I didn’t want her to be afraid of him as he is really high energy.

Before she got groomed, she was SO dirty. But this was right after we took her out of the shelter and put her in the car, she was so excited!

Before she got groomed, she was SO dirty. But this was right after we took her out of the shelter and put her in the car, she was so excited! Seeing her ‘smile’ like this in the car, I knew she would come out of her shell at home! I was great to see this :)

She was an owner surrender because they were moving so I just imagined if we had done that to George,  how he would act in her position and hoped that she would come out of her shell. She was already spayed so she was ready to go home the following day. Once it became a reality that we were bringing another dog into the house, I was a bit nervous, because I always get nervous when we introduce George to new dogs. We adopted her and took her straight to the groomer, where we found out she had the hand part of a leash used as her collar, and the previous owners just cut off the leash part. She was absolutely filthy. They had to use a degreaser shampoo and also said they thought it was the first time she’d ever had a bath.

The meeting between the two dogs was pretty nerve racking for me, but they were outside in the backyard all day today and when I came home both were alive and well! They already are wrestling around and playing most of the time. George, in the beginning, was a bit protective of us, but that’s okay, he seems to have accepted her into the pack. They are about the same size, but she is only 8 months old so she might end up being a little bit bigger than him. She is a bit scared when she first meets someone, but already has her tail wagging most of the time and just needs to learn that she is safe here. She also seems to be house broken, as she has whined twice to go out to the bathroom. Another score! They do chase each other around  I’m so glad I gave her a chance because in a weeks time I’m sure she will be a new dog and George loves her! Her fluffy tail is his new favorite toy, so I know they will be fast friends. His other favorite thing to do is to jump off the couch right behind her and scare her. They wrestled for about 20 minutes when I got home and then were both fast asleep. Exactly what we wanted! They are just like brother and sister it seems, always antagonizing each other.


We are so excited that it worked out and that we now have a new family member!


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