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It’s beginning to look a lot like..

It’s beginning to look a lot like… CHRISTMAS! I love the Christmas season and this year is no exception. We got our tree on Monday and spent the evening decorating it. One of my favorite things to do around Christmas is going for a run at night, where there are lights to look at! It makes it so much more fun and is a great distraction. This week I have been doing decent with my running, I ran a total of 15 miles thus far this week, and am feeling really good about making a decision about a spring half. I got up two mornings and ran one evening, so I mixed it up throughout the week.


Back to Christmas time! We went and got our tree from a local tree lot that gives back to the community, which was cool and their tree prices were not insane, which was nice or B would have flipped out. You can see how excited I was to finally be bringing a tree home!

We should have gotten a tad bigger tree. I was scared this one was going to be too tall, but apparently I’m a bad judge of height.

I now have a total of 16 Flamingos ornaments on the tree! In 2010 I only had 11, so we have continued to increase over the years :) The story behind that is that is something that my mom and I shared when she was battling Breast Cancer. When I did the 3 day, 60 mile Avon walk in high school we were Team Flamingo and carried around a Flamingo so that our family would be able to pick us out of the crowd. We figured pink was associated with Breast Cancer and who doesn’t love Flamingos. I started getting Christmas ornaments whenever I saw a flamingo and when my mom passed away it’s always something that reminds her of me during the Christmas season and makes me feel like she’s there to celebrate with us.


B also did the lights on the outside of the house too! Last year we mistakenly got the LED lights which are like an icy blue and we both hated them. I love the white lights this year though, they look so much better! We might add a little something to the left corner, it looks so dark over there.

We put the tree in front of the window this year, which I love! It makes me happy every time I drive up the house. This weekend I’m going to Shea’s families Christmas Party and finishing up our Christmas cards. I have some gift wrapping to do and of course starting off Saturday with my super long gym workout will be a great way to kick off the weekend. Hopefully I can kick this cold that B gave to me. BLAH! What a stink.



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