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Rainy Running

These past two days it’s been rainy here, and each morning, I’ll get up and look outside and see that it’s still raining. I always remember that once I get going, even in the rain I’ll feel so much better. George isn’t as excited to run in the rain, since he hates being wet, but once we get going, he’s excited. Once I’ve ran for about 3 minutes, I start to enjoy it. This is so true.

Once I get home, peel off my clothes and am in a hot shower, I’m just so glad that I went for a run. I need to bottle that feeling and take a gulp of it every morning before I drag myself out of bed, because nothing beats that feeling.

Looking forward to this weekend! We are getting our Christmas tree and I am going to finish decorating for Christmas! I am also going to go for a long workout tomorrow morning, one of my favorite Saturday morning things to do. :)


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