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New Zensah Recovery Sock Review!

I recently was contacted by one of my favorite companies, Zensah to review a few more of their newer items. I personally like their compression socks the best out of all socks that I’ve tried. I also pretty much swear by their sports bras and their tanks. So I was excited to try out their new Argyle Compression Socks and also their Skinny Strap Sports Bra.

The Argyle Compression Socks are another winner in my book. They have a lot of the same features as the white compression socks I reviewed. They are tight along my entire calf area and also my ankles as well. They go up to right under my knees which allows the perfect amount of compression on the lower legs. I truly believe that for me, compression helps aid in recovery. I find that when I wear these after a long run it helps my legs not feel as sore the following morning. They also work great under jeans at work!

I also like that they have a cute pattern too! The cushion on the bottom helps when the bottoms of my feet are sore from being on my feet for a long period of time and that makes Zensah’s compression socks stand out among the rest for me. The fabric is also very soft, another favorite part.

I wear these often around the house after a run and sometimes the following day after a run as well if I’m still feeling a little stiff. Here’s some pictures of the socks too! They’re pretty cute!


And now, onto another favorite from Zensah, the Skinny Strap Sports Bra. I usually wear the Zensah Running Bra and I love it for longer runs (review here), but the Skinny Straps Sports Bra is great for shorter runs and gym workouts. I like the support the Running bra gives, but the skinny straps bra is much more comfortable for every day wear and also shorter workouts. It has less coverage and the straps are not as thick as the regular running bra, but it still gives you the same support.

Per usual, the Zensah fabric is unbeatable in the Skinny Strap Sports Bra. It’s SO soft and comfortable. It’s seamless so there isn’t any chafing and it’s also moisture wicking, which is great when you are at spin class and sweating like a crazy person, or is that just me. I love wearing it on the weekends and it’s fit is perfect!

Here are some photos of the Bra.



So, if you want more info on all Zensah products, check out their website, you won’t be disappointed  Big thanks to Zensah for sending me these products to check out :)


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