Excercised my right to vote

This morning I literally exercised my right to vote. I ran to the local polling location right when it opened and voted. Of course I had to wear red white and blue on my run, and scored the entire reason I didn’t vote by mail – the sticker!

George wanted to get in the spirit with his bow tie as well. He was quite excited to go for a run, but I cannot lie, was a complete nightmare at the polling location. I should have guessed, but his good looks did score him a sticker!


Thankful for the opportunity to vote today, to voice our opinions in this country and for all those who make our land the home of the free! We are beyond blessed to live in a country that allows us all the freedoms we have and I’m reminded of how blessed I am every morning when I wake up and am alive.


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4 Responses to Excercised my right to vote

  1. Scallywag says:

    Well done on exercising your right! I love your top and hope you got the representation you wanted :)

  2. Ed says:

    Awesome…way to get out and vote..you americans made me proud to live in the USA yesterday!

  3. Sassafras says:

    Love it! My polling place is close enough to run, but I am just a few days post-marathon… so instead we drove and got breakfast afterwards. Almost as good!

  4. KatieC says:

    Ahh, that bow tie is killing me! Off topic, do you ever hear from Pieces of Me? I miss her blog and hope she is okay.

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