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Another Pin-tacular ILYMTC Post!

It’s another Monday and I’m pleased to say I did another pin baking experience this weekend and now I can link up with I Love You More Thank Carrots for Hey! That’s Pintastic! I was planning on making these this week for Thanksgiving and instead of trying them on Thanksgiving day, I figured a little test run would be in order. I’m very glad I did a test!

Here’s the list of ingredients I went off of, found from this blog post (and the original I pinned is here…) Now, let me be honest, mine didn’t look anything like this girl, but then again she looks like a pretty serious baker, being that her blog is a straight up legit recipe blog and yes, I want to make everything off it. Anyways, back to the “teacake” at hand. Which oh by the way, is basically a dump cake in a mason jar. But I’m down with the mason jar love. So here we go.

My little mix. It’s not a lot of ingredients and thankfully I had everything at my house already! A few little mixes and it was set to go in the jars.

Start with lining your jars with whatever ‘filling’ you want in the bottom. I’m going to do cherries and blueberries on Thanksgiving. I didn’t have that many blueberries, but I will add more when I make them for Thanksgiving as well.

I poured the mix over the blueberries and put another layer of blueberries on top of the mix… You can see how well this worked out. Wha whaaaa. It all kind of mixed together, which isn’t the end of the world but I thought they would be more layered. Oh well, it all goes to the same place right?

Ta-DA! Right out of the oven. I only made two as it was only test, but it was delicious and smelled so good. I think if I put in more blueberries at the bottom it would look more layered and more like the original pin, but it tasted great! Also, I know the smaller jar will be the perfect size and won’t take as long to bake. Mine took about 40 minutes, where the original recipe called only for 20 minutes.

I can’t wait to make this on Thanksgiving for everyone!  They are fairly easy and I think even using a box pound cake mix would work. They would be cute with a little whipped cream on top too!

Have a Happy Monday!


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