Workouts as of Late

So last week I said I’ve boarded the workout train full steam ahead. These past three weeks have been really pivotal for me being healthy and working out again. After Napa I was looking forward to getting into a solid routine that would push me through fall. I have been doing a lot of spinning, a little bit of running, and a lot of the Tone It Up girls routines, which I love. I also have started following their nutrition plan and am almost down 10 pounds in three weeks. Say WHAT? Crazy how paying attention to what you eat makes such a huge difference.


Anyways, I have been waking up early lately and starting my day off with either a walk, workout or spin class, and even though getting up an hour earlier is a bummer sleep wise, it always makes my day go so much better. It’s nice to have my workout done and that I can come home and relax. It also helps when B is at work that I have the evening to work out in case I slept in. I’m pretty proud to say I’ve only slept in four days out of the past two weeks. Mind over the battle of the sheets!
My morning have been filled with this and I like it a lot! I think George does too :)

So I’m pretty proud of myself for working out and sticking to the plan, which obviously is working! It’s motivating to see results.


Speaking of George, he has officially been with us for a YEAR now! Can’t believe how time flies. A photo of the little crazy a year ago….

Cannot imagine our lives without this little monkey! He’s such a good dog, and finally started to ‘shake’ the other day. I almost cried with joy. He is very attached to us and we are lucky that he came into our lives.


Pretty excited because this weekend is my birthday, and I’ll be running the Long Beach Half Marathon too. Under trained per usual, but should be fun. With being in more of a routine, I’m actually starting to run a little bit more which is nice and gives me hope that I will maybe run a race that I’ve actually trained for sometime in the near future. So hopefully I finish under 2 hours and don’t have to visit too many portapotties. ;)


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14 Responses to Workouts as of Late

  1. 10lbs in 3 weeks?!?! You go girl!!!! I have to admit their plan doesn’t fully work for me but I have carb issues – in that my body has a hard time metabolizing sugars of any kind (including fruit). But as long as I mainly keep it lean, clean, and green – it’s all good! :)

  2. Jade says:

    Awesome job with your workouts! I love getting up and working out first thing, but hate that it is staying darker later so early morning runs are either scary or don’t happen (haven’t broken the treadmill out yet). I’m going to check out Tone It Up right now!

  3. Kelly says:

    Way to go on the workouts! I need to stick to the nutrition plan better! ugh. So happy you guys have George. I just wish we lived closer. George and Max would be BFF.

  4. Efo says:

    One, congrats on the weight loss, girl! That’s super impressive! Two, Happy early birthday (I hope B spoils you rotten). Three, Happy George-Anniversary (we just celebrated Cabo’s adoption day too!). Four, good luck on the half, get it gurrrrrl.

  5. Battle of the sheets – that’s a good one! Nice work on your progress. I Love getting some adrenaline pumping in the morning.

  6. RoadBunner says:

    Happy Gotcha Day to G! Hope you have a great race.

  7. Jamie says:

    Way to go on your weight loss. And good luck during your race this weekend. You are always so inspirational that after reading this I signed up for 2 5ks that I was debating whether to do or not. Thanks!

  8. PS – Love those pink shoes!!

  9. Leigh says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss! I agree, it’s amazing what happens when you pay attention to what you eat and don’t just mindlessly eat. George is such a cutie. Have a great birthday weekend!

  10. Sarah says:

    Happy birthday weekend Danica! Good luck in the race, I’m sure you’ll do great! Congrats also on your weightloss. I love reading your blog; you are such a positive person and so motivating. Now I’m off to check out the Tone it Up plan!

  11. Shelby says:

    always so inspiring!! george is such a cutie! and i love the pink shoes – what are they??

  12. Jess says:

    Have a great Bday! Cute shoes!!

  13. Ed says:

    Shoot early morning workouts…have no idea how you do them…how early is early for you? My wife and I have to be up at 5 or earlier if we are to work out in the morning…been a tough slow road in that regards!

  14. Ara says:

    What motivates you to get up & get your workout in SO early? I have such a struggle with that. George is SO cute! How lucky he is to be in your family.

    P.S. I hope you’ve had a great birthday!

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