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Wedding Fevvvver

This weekend we went to our 2nd wedding of the year, but first of our ‘wedding season’, which seems to be in the fall this year! It was a beautiful wedding at the Temecula Creek Inn Stonehouse and a great way to kick off these next few weekends. The couple that got married are such a fun couple and are the perfect match. Weddings are always so fun and we have two more in the next three weeks! Can’t wait for all the celebrations.

The weather was perfect and it was just good people and good times. It seems every time B and I go to a wedding, I always ask, “Isn’t it crazy that we are married! It’s crazy that we have been married for over a year!!” He usually responds with, “No, it’s not that weird, and why do you ask me this all the time.” I guess it still hasn’t sunk in with me. Crazy to think about it all the time… STILL!

But I’m one lucky duck to be with him. He always makes me smile, he is the most caring person ever and I cannot even imagine my life without him. It’s true in wedding crashers when they say, everyone wants to be in the presence of true love. I got a little teary eyed watching the ceremony this past weekend and can’t imagine a better person to spend FOREVER with.

And I just must post this because it’s so cute. Since I have new hours at my job, he usually cooks dinner, mostly because he’s hungry and wants to eat when I get home. The other night though he made the dinner we had at Ruth’s Chris on our anniversary. “Oscar Style” Filet Mignon. So sweet and thoughtful and it was absolutely delicious. He is an amazing cook, thank goodness! Paired with one of the wines we bought on our honeymoon it was such a great random Tuesday night.


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