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That’s Pin-tastic Mummy Halloween Mason Jar Craft

So I’m back to linking up with the Lovely AP from I Love You More Than Carrots for another Pintacular craft!

I thought this would be fairly easy and the other night Shea and I got together to make some ‘fall’ crafts. I opted for the mummy mason jar craft and the Frankenstein mason jar craft. Sadly, I made a pumpkin mason jar and broke it by dropping it on her front porch while leaving :(. This craft is REALLY easy and you don’t need a lot of supplies. Shea found the original ideas here. Start off with a Mason Jar… Whatever size you’d like.

Find some gauze. We had a bunch because B just got burned at work so he had a lot lying around. I could see you getting it dirty before putting it on the mason jar, but I like clean mummies. Also at this time, paint Mod Podge all over your mason jar. The more the better to get the gauze to stick to it.

Then, this is super easy, just wrap the gauze around the mod podged mason jar! It’s a little weird becuase the gauze is kind of hairy and gets everywhere and kind of falls apart, but just make sure you spread out the gauze before hand.

I applied some more Mod Podge to the back of jar over top of the overlapping gauze. I also then cut a few pieces of the gauze to make it look more disheveled and not like it was wrapped on there perfectly. Since there was a bit hanging over the top of the mason jar, I also cut that to make it look a bit more messy.

I then cut out the black construction paper eyes. I did see some mummies with the googley eyes, but we didn’t have them so construction paper worked! I applied some Mod Podge to the back of the eyes and then on top of them as well to make sure they would stay on well. Ta-DAHHH Here is my little Halloween Set up with my Frankensteins.

So, basically super super easy! I unfortunately went a little over board with the Mod Podge on Frankenstein and that is why he’s still a tad white around the eyes… Oh well! I am liking how they decorated the house. Also – Just a note, I’m using the electric candles inside the jars because I feel like gauze is pretty flammable and I don’t want to burn down the house.



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