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So I’ve been doing really well with my diet and excersie lately, but I recently was contacted by Subway to try their new Tuscan Chicken Melt. If I were not watching what I was eating so closely, I would have most likely just gotten this for lunch one day. But with the progress I made, this was one of my two ‘cheat meals’ last week, because of the cheese. I have pretty much limited my dairy to nothing lately, and it has helped me feel much better.

Subway was kind enough to send me a gift card to try this sandwich and I cannot lie, I was pretty excited. The chicken looked really good and I love a good melt. I got it on wheat bread for lunch on Sunday and it was nothing short of amazing! I loved the combination of flavors and it was excellent for lunch! Unfortunately, the Tuscan Chicken Melt is only out until the end of the Month, but they were nice to give me a gift card to giveaway to one lucky reader to try it out for themselves. There are always great options at Subway though, and I have found they are great to eat on the go when I can’t find a healthy option.

I love getting their kids options for smaller portions or even their salads, with dressing on the side. Thanks Subway for the gift card. I’m glad I re-discovered you for my new healthy lifestyle :) Annnnd if you’d like to win the giftcard they are offering one lucky reader, just leave a comment with what you’d like to try at Subway! I hadn’t been there in some time so it was nice to go there with my new healthy eating mentality and see so many great options for me.



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  1. julia says:

    My favorite at subway is a veggie delite with extra pickles.

  2. Kendra says:

    I would LOVE to try the Tuscan Melt. I love Subway and so does the rest of the family. It is the one restaurant we can all agree on. Love your blog!!

  3. Mami2jcn says:

    Black forest ham sub…yum!

  4. elizabeth says:

    i love the bmt, sweet onion teriakyi, black forest ham + egg & cheese,mmmmm sounds so good right now!

  5. i love the classic melt

  6. Efo says:

    Sweet! You know me, I’m a poor grad student, so any opportunity to score a gift card/free meal is awesome. Especially at a healthier-option food joint. I’m a fan of the toasted veggie delite with extra black olives and salt and pepper. Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway (and thanks, Subway!)!

  7. Melissa says:

    I would love to try the new tuscan chicken melt! I saw it tv the other day and it looks gooooooooooooood!

  8. Lynsey says:

    I’d love to try the new tuscan chicken melt. Sounds like something that I would really like.

  9. I always get the veggie max… when I was in Illinois, I saw a falafel one… so if I ever see that one again, I need to try it.

  10. Sharon says:

    The sweet onion teriyaki sub is one that I’ve never tried but have always wanted to but I keep going with my usual.

  11. Eve says:

    Id try their turkey sub with tomatoes, lettuce, onions and chipotle sauce

  12. Debbie D says:

    turkey and avocado is my regular choice but I would like to try one of their breakfast sandwiches. egg and avocado sounds good

  13. Sandy says:

    I would love to try the Tuscan Chicken Melt! I have not eaten there in quite a while but it is a much healthier option than other fast food :) Happy to hear that your diet is going well!

  14. Scallywag says:

    Is it open to UK customers too? If so I’d love to try the chicken teriyaki- people tell me its great and ive still never been and got it!

  15. Tyly says:

    I’d love to try the same sandwich you did!

  16. Rachel says:

    I’d love to try the Tuscan Chicken Melt! It looks really good, and while not as healthy as other subs at Subway, it’d still be a good option!

  17. Julie says:

    I like tuna fish with provolone cheese,lettuce,onion

  18. The husband and I usually split a footlong when we got to baseball games, but I’ve literally been to two all season…none since summer! SO, I would LOVE to try the one you tasted, looks scrumptious!

  19. Pam Moulton says:

    I like their flatbread sandwiches, especially the veggie with honey mustard sauce. Even if I don’t win the card I am definitely trying out that Tuscan chicken melt. Maybe sans cheese though. I guess that would make it toasted, not melted.

  20. Ed says:

    Sweet I would love to win to get me a roasted chicken!

  21. June L says:

    I would like to try the Tuscan Chicken Melt. It would be different for me.

  22. RunningLaur says:

    The veggie delight has become my go-to travel meal (with with my amount of travel, could add up to almost 10 a week, ack!)

  23. Larisa Dixon says:

    I actually did the Tuscan chicken on the spinach salad it was awesome. So I would get that again;)

  24. Colleen says:

    I’d love to try the Tuscan Chicken Melt too! That looks delicous!

  25. Julie says:

    I like tunafish,provolone cheese,onions and lettuce

  26. Kalie says:

    Mmm…makes me hungry just thinking about food! I would love to try their melts, I always stick the same ol’ thing ;) thanks subway for the giveaway!!

  27. Missy says:

    I would like to try to Tuscan Chicken Melt, it looks yummy!

  28. Mallory says:

    My old faithful: 6” turkey on wheat with all of the veggies and extra banana peppers. I’m having it today actually :)

  29. Laura says:

    Although its not really healthy, I really like the steak and cheese (toasted) with tons of veggies!

  30. sarah says:

    The veggie delight! Its a great way to get in veggies without having a salad every day.

  31. Michelle says:

    The buffalo chicken!

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