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Izzzzzz Spectacular! Izze Contest

I was recently emailed about a fun contest going on that is being put on by one of my favorite Drinks, Izze. The contest goes through Sunday, so if you want to enter, make sure to do it soon! It’s a quick contest so I feel like the chances of winning are good. Maybe I’m just hopeful!

All you have to do is snap of picture of you with some tasty IZZE and submit it to the IZZE Facebook page. Right off the bat, you’ll receive a coupon. This also enters you for a chance to win a free year’s supply of IZZE!  A new winner is picked each day. Fans can enter everyday if they chose!

Heres’s the link:

Tonight we are having dinner at my Grandparents. :) I worked out four days this week, 2 days spinning at home with Ab workouts from Tone It Up. 2 days running. 1 rest day. I can’t wait for tomorrow and doing a LONG Saturday morning workout. One of my favorite things!


PS – ERIN won the Subway Giftcard. Thanks to all those that entered!


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