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Front Yard Remodel

So this has nothing to do with anything related to running but I wanted to have a place to keep this photos and to document the process that the Front Yard went through to get it to the place it is today, and I told my Aunt eons ago when the project was started that I would post pictures of it completed.

In the beginning we had a normal front yard. We bought our house last October. There’s a saying that stuff with the house ‘Never Ends’. I guess I never realized how true that was until we were under the roof of our own house.

B was SO into just starting the project and I’m pretty sure we started it a little premature. Alas, he literally dug right in and stripped our whole front yard. This was ‘the beginning’.

I still can’t believe he did this all himself in two days. We had to rent a dumpster to haul all the grass away, and this was a huge task. I think he was sore for days after this. Then in order to ‘kill’ the old grass that he didn’t like, he covered it in a black tarp for two weeks.

The tarp stayed on quite a while as we waited to start the project with the sprinklers. B laid out the little concrete strip that was to be added and this is when he also realized we needed to take out more dirt in order for the grass to be lower than the concrete. Therefore, more digging was done.

Finally! It was time to start the sprinkler project. We had hired someone who did work on our house when we bought it, and he had worked on B’s parents house as well. They laid all the sprinklers. Which took about 2 days. I would say, at this point the project had been going on for 2 months.

We got the small concrete strip laid in the yard and also added onto the driveway, which was a recommendation from the contractor. At first I didn’t see how that would help, but now I am so glad we added on. It’s only 2 feet more of concrete, but it helps so much when taking out the trash and parking on the driveway.

OUR SOD! I never thought I would be so excited for grass, but I guess at this age, these are things that get you pumped up. It was laid all in one day and looked SO nice. Sadly, shortly after we laid it, we realized it was doing well in the ground but unfortunately got infected with Sod WebWorms who EAT the grass from the root. This was pretty devastating to B. :(

We treated the grass with some insecticides and it seems to be doing much better now. It was really bad though, brown in certain spots and we didn’t know what was wrong with it! I seriously thought we were going to have to rip it out and start over. Not a good feeling. Alas, it’s growing well now! Planting in the summer may have also been harder for it to grow well since it’s so hot and needs extra water.

Now, we finally have plants throughout the flower bed! I’m so happy with how it came out and even though it was a very long process, I think it looks fantastic. It’s been at least a 6 month process. It’s definitely amazing how different it is when it’s YOUR house and YOUR hard work that you put into it.

Originally I told B that I wanted different color flowers, but as he learned more about flowers, and the fact that we would have to replant so often… I knew I didn’t want all that work for him. So we opted for greens and browns! There are also some smaller trees on the far side of the fence right by the neighbors driveway.

I really think it came out so nice and love our front yard. We do sit on the porch often and enjoy being out there. It’s nice to know that it’s taken care of for a while and we won’t have to update and we also have sprinklers. Next year we are going to tackle the back yard and…after all that… now we want to add on to the porch…. Just as they say, it never ends.


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