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Napa Part Uno

B had planned our Napa Trip over the last few months and though I’m very planner oriented myself, I let him have the reigns and he told me it would all be a surprise. I’m so glad he did this! It made me way less stressed and way less preoccupied. Also, I read over cheesefiend’s Napa part 1 and 2 recaps and loved them so I knew the Napa area was a blast. On our way up to Napa he told me everything we were going to be doing while up there and where we were staying. It was fun to talk about everything he had researched and everything he planned. We started off our trip by staying at Hotel Yountville, which was stellar. Staying in Yountville was very ‘us’ with the small town feel and the hotel was fabulous. Big rooms, huge balcony, fireplace and we loved the central and walkable location. Great service throughout our trip and a lovely pool that we lounged at one afternoon.


The first night we were there we went to Redd for dinner and also got drinks at the bar. It was good food, but both of us thought the portions were small. I love good food, but at the same time, I want to be full when leaving the restaurant.

The service was fantastic and the drinks we got at the bar were delicious but we both thought that the portions could have been a little bit bigger. It was a fun night though and we were both excited to walk around town a little bit. We ended the night playing scrabble in the hotel lobby, another great area of the hotel. The following morning we went to the Bouchon Bakery, which I don’t know what I was expecting, but I guess I thought there would be food? The stuff we did get, Macaroons, Monkey Bread and a ham and cheese sandwich were good, the coffee was amazing but we were kind of hungry and I cannot just eat a ton of macaroons, as much as I would have liked too.

This was a great adventure day as B had booked the “Platypus Wine Tour”. Now, we are not wine-os, we don’t know much about wine, we are not really foodies, nor are we pretentious (so I think). I saw some people getting into a limo to go wine tasting and that seemed a little extreme to me but Platypus fit our personalities perfectly. We got picked up by a little bus and toured four wineries. 3 of the 4 wineries we went to were smaller, which I enjoyed. I guess my Napa mentality was to stick to trying wines that I couldn’t get back at home, which we did a ton of. I made sure we drank a lot of water. Lunch was provided on the tour and it was delicious and at a great picnic spot. Totally recommend Platypus!

It was almost ‘crush’ time so all the wineries were just starting their picking or their vines were full of plump grapes! We got to try a few at a few different spots but it was really cool seeing it all right before they were all picked.

We started off at Goosecross Cellars and it was really a great property. Everyone on our tour, 3 other couples, were easy going and easy to talk to. We learned about wine making at Goosecross and had five tastes there. The wine was really good and we enjoyed the experience there. Next up was Silenus Vinters, which was cool because it is like a hub of a winery where multiple winemakers come to use their machines/barrels/facilities and also where they can then sell their wine out of. This was really cool because we got to try a lot of different wineries in one spot. This was also where we had lunch and it was a great picnic spot in the vineyard.

That Honey Pie is SO good. There is a star by it for good, good reason. The prices for all the tastings were not that bad at all the wineries we visited and if we did want to get a bottle most prices ranged from 20-100 dollars, which is kind of in our price range. Next up we visited Hess Winery, which is a larger winery. They also have quite an art collection as well. There is a huge koi fish pond and a beautiful garden area as well.

Sadly, this is the only photo that was taken of us at that winery… and as you can tell, one of of the women on the tour who took it and claimed it was such a nice photo…. didn’t realize she covered up half of the picture! After Hess, we went to a Kosher Winery, Hagafen. It was a nice winery, but we didn’t take any photos at that one for some reason. We went to an AMAZING dinner at Hurley’s, another great walkable restaurant in Yountville. This was much more ‘our style’. Big meaty portions and delicious food, unpretentious people, it was awesome.

We sat on the patio and they pulled heaters around us immediately and offered me a blanket as well. It was such a lovely evening and we spent a good 3 hours there enjoying the evening before we walked back to the hotel.

I wanted to split up our trip so it would be easier to read later on when we look back, so I’ll post the last two days tomorrow!


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