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Napa Part Dos

I posted the first two days we spent in Napa here. We started off our third day mostly relaxing around the hotel. We had breakfast at Pacific Blues, which was delicious. Nothing crazy or out of the world stellar, but good food for breakfast which is what we wanted. This day was planned around hitting up the pool and visiting a lot of the little shops in town. B got a cigar and we got a lazy susan made from a wine barrel for our table back home. I was pretty stoked on it until I realized that it’s way to big for our table we have now… So that’s awesome. Ha.


That evening, we went into the town of Napa, which we hadn’t visited yet so I wanted to walk around and see what it was about. Honestly, I think we were both disappointed. I thought it would be more like Yountville, with everything close by and much more quaint, but maybe that was just what I had envisioned in my head, and after spending time in Yountville we both just wanted to go back to our hotel. We did have a great dinner at the Bounty Hunter in Napa and B drank a few different kinds of his favorite drink, Whiskey. Bleck! We got a delicious sample platter and B was super impressed with the Ribs and I got the Beer Can Chicken. So much good food there, right up our alley. After walking around for a bit, we headed back to the hotel and went to bed after playing another game of Scrabble.

Thursday was our last day there and B planned another awesome adventure aboard the Napa Wine Train! We started off the day with Coffee from the Yountville Coffee Caboose. Great Spicy chai and Poppy Muffin. Then we drove back down to Napa to catch the Napa Wine Train. This was AWESOME. We were in the Vista dome car and it was a fabulous day to see the valley. Great weather, amazing food and of course, good company :)

A fun, easy way to see so many wineries and the entire Napa Valley while sipping wine and eating a super tasty lunch? Can’t go wrong there! It cannot say it enough, so much fun. The service was excellent and overall a great experience. Little touristy, but um hello, we are tourists.

We went back to Yountville after the train ride and walked around wine tasting that afternoon. The hotel had a little card that gave us special discounts at the local tasting rooms. We visited Hill Family Estate which was awesome. The woman who was helping us, April, was knowledgeable and really fun to talk to. After we walked over to Cornerstone and they had a great tasting room, very open and airy. And of course, great wine, duh. It’s Napa.

Then we walked into Page & Revolver Wine Co, which is where this amazing bottle is from

Quite possibly the best taste we had in the valley! :) We ended the afternoon at the Hope and Grace tasting room, which was another great location and easy to get to from our hotel as everything was in walking distance. Bingo. Walking distance is a winner for sure! We didn’t get dinner that night just a few little bites from the hotel bar and then went in the pool that evening. It was such a nice way to end off the trip.

We both enjoyed our entire time there, it was such a relaxing break from life and we also enjoyed the fact that it was almost crush time at the wineries was really fun as well. I would totally recommend visiting all the places we went to as they were all fabulous in their own way! On the way home we were already talking about what fun vacation we will take next year!


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