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Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

It’s Friday, it’s the end of the month and I’ve been on the workout train lately, which I’m loving! More on that next week… But I’m REALLY looking forward to October… Not only is my birthday in October, but it’s also one of my favorite awareness months, Breast Cancer Awareness month! This is very near and dear to me since I lost my mom 6 years ago to Breast Cancer. Wow. Typing that I can’t even believe it’s been that long, yet it was only 6 years ago. Perhaps you remember when I donated my hair to Locks of Love last December, which was tons of fun and I was so thankful for the blogging community to donate $500 dollars to Locks of Love through my blog!


I have done this the past few years and honestly, it’s one of my favorite things to write a “round up” on, all the things you can purchase to help support, raise awareness and donate to Breast Cancer. If you believe all this stuff is cheesy and a marketing ploy to get people to buy products, you can also make a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which was very important to my mom.


So here’s a list of many of the products that are going pink this month to help raise awareness! (Found through multiple magazines, including Self Magazine, Ulta Magazine, and Glamour Magazine and through Google)


Clinique also has it’s normal moisturizing lotion with a special pink ribbon attached to it this month and also this lip color is amazing, I might have to pick it up. Clinique Limited Edition Lip Color in Plumped Up Pink

The above shirt is by the Ford Warriors in Pink Collection. Ford has created a whole line of super cute clothes, scarves and shirts! Warriors in Pink, love the one I screen grabbed from above


Just LOOK at all the Super Cute PINK Asics stuff…Those pink shoes are SO cute and so is the sports bra… Decisions Decisions.


Here’s a bunch of cute pink swimming stuff from TYR too! Makes me want to go jump in the pool and swim some laps to get my heart rate up and raise awareness.

Not shockingly, Tory Burch came up with an absolutely gorgeous pink iPhone case and a super cute hot pink bracelet. I must admit, that bracelet is on my birthday list. I love the iPhone case, but I know I’d break it far too quickly.


New Balance has a few really cute pink shoes and a few running pieces including tanks, capris, shirts and visors. Lots of cute stuff happening this month, makes me want to get some new workout gear!

This Burnout Tee from Oakley is SO cute! I love the pink color and burnout tees are the best. They make it look like your not super sweaty at the gym :) They also have a few other cute pieces for sale including sunglasses and benefit the Young Survivors Coalition.


If you are an NFL fan, make sure to check out all the Pink Fan Gear they have! I love seeing all the football players going pink for the month of October.


Avon also has a wide variety of things for sale that are pink, including makeup, lip glosses, cute shirts and watches.


Under Armour has a TON of really cute stuff, I might say they have some of my favorite things ;) I know they are great quality too, so I might have to get this Go Pink or Go home Shirt, or the She’s A Fighter Long Sleeve.


Ulta also has quite a wide selection of Pink things, including hair products, makeup, candles and special sets just for the month of October. They are also having events as well!


Ann Taylor Loft also has a bunch of stuff that will be online, including really cute pink cords, that will all go live on the 1st, so mark your calender :)


If you wonder if your favorite brand is participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can always type in BCRF or Breast Cancer in their search bar and their stuff they are offering will pop up! Coach is having some things going on sale on the 1st too! Macy’s is going to have a Pink Shop for the Month of October and so is Nordstrom, which includes more candles, bras, shoes, jewelry and makeup! Kohl’s also has some really fun and cute things for sale too, all pink and white and there are some cute heart things too :)


Let me know if you have any good Pink Finds too and I will edit the post to add them! :) Can’t wait for the first of October and wearing a little pink every day in memory of my mom <3



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