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New Adventures + New Training

This week I haven’t blogged all week for no reason in particular. Perhaps the Olympics have been keeping me up well past my bedtime and I have also been busy, busy, busy finishing up things here at work. I cannot believe that next Monday I will be starting a new adventure. I’m rather excited about it and yes, tad nervous. It reminds me of the first day of school a little bit. Though I haven’t experienced those first day of school butterflies for quite some time, I remember thinking about how exciting it was to start a new grade, covering my books with brown paper bags to ‘protect’ them and trying to memorize a new locker code. My love for school supplies sure hasn’t gone anywhere either, as I walked through the school aisle of Target the other day with wide eyes and an open wallet. I may or may not have purchased a Justin Beiber folder and some new markers, much to B’s dismay.

This week I haven’t run or worked out much at all, but I do have a new goal, which usually inspires me to work out. Yesterday I signed up to run the Long Beach Half Marathon. Since I won’t be working with the company, I’m excited to run the race, one of my favorites again this year. That means that training starts this weekend! I’ve got a 4 miler to do tomorrow morning and I think setting a ‘goal’ by signing up for Long Beach will be helpful to me in training for something again. I also somehow convinced B to run it with me, which I’m really looking forward to training with him as well.

Speaking of Olympics, I was reminded of the time that Michael Phelps was at one of our events… Ridiculous.

Anyways, it’s off to the gym tonight and tomorrow morning ‘training’ for the half really begins! B will have to run at the station since he will be at work but I’m looking forward to having something to plan for and train for once again!



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