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It’s not a Blimp, it’s a ZEPPELIN!

Wow. I still can’t get over the amazing experience that Shea and I had last night. We heard about the Airship Ventures Tweet Up featuring Airship Eureka at the beginning of this week and we were both really excited about it. Many people confuse this airship, a Zeppelin, as a Blimp, but wow, we learned it’s far, far from a Blimp at the Tweet Up last night. We even got the opportunity to see a blimp land and it is not even CLOSE to being as big as the Zeppelin. The blimp looked so small compared to Eureka. We got some awesome shots of it landing right out in front of the building.

It’s SO much bigger than a blimp, and it’s completely different because it’s a Zeppelin, which has a different motor and maneuverability than a Blimp. It can go forward and backward and up and down. We talked to flight attendants and pilots and enjoyed watching it come back and land. They were also tweeting that they would be giving away rides to a few lucky winners. We didn’t expect to win at all as there were a lot of interesting people there from all walks of life. We were getting ready to leave and we found out via twitter we had won the night flight! I’m pretty sure we were squealing with excitement!


We had to be briefed with safety instructions by a flight attendant and before we knew it, we were riding in a van out to tarmac to get on the Zeppelin, which is titled Eureka. Both our hearts were racing, it was so crazy to watch it land! This is the only Zeppelin in the USA!


You can see the cabin right on the underside that we would soon be in. This is where things got crazy. Both Shea and I have a fear of flying. So we had this moment where we both were thinking, Wait? WHAT ARE WE DOING. But we’ve both said this is a bucket list item and the fact that we were actually going to do it, was awesome!

I’ll let the photos taken from Eureka speak for themselves. It was a clear, beautiful night with a huge moon and we took a 45 minute ride around Long Beach.


The whole cabin had huge windows all the way around it, and the flight attendant and pilot were all very accommodating and nice answering questions and telling us all about Eureka. The cabin itself was very roomy and every seat was a window AND aisle seat. They even have a bathroom on board with a window so you don’t miss anything! :) The ship is very quiet and once you are up off the ground everyone basically roams around the entire time! It was such a surreal experience. Though the picture below is really bad, the craziest thing was it had windows you could OPEN AND PUT YOUR HEAD OUT. So that pretty much made me poop my pants and I literally was only by the window to take this photo.

Here’s looking outside my window and up. It was weird to think the entire time that this huge thing was flying above us and holding us up. I was surprised how quiet it was. It literally feels like you are just floating through the air. WAY better than flying.


Down town Long Beach from the sky. Such a beautiful night and amazing experience. After we landed, I snapped a quick photo of the cabin.


There were 12 people on the ship with us and two pilots and 1 flight attendant. After the ride they had a little champagne toast for us. Something I will never forget!

We couldn’t use flash photography on the ship, only in the very, very back and it was very limited but we did get this photo together!


Flying over the Marina in Long Beach! Wow. I still am pinching myself that this happened. What an amazing thing and it shows that Twitter has definite perks! Thank you Airship Ventures and Eureka for such an amazing time! We will forever remember our trip on the only Zeppelin in America!


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