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Hatch Chilies, Running and Babies

So talk about a random weekend… A baby shower, visiting another newborn baby and finding out that I pretty much am addicted to Hatch Chilies. Yup, no babies for us in that baby mix. Throw in a long run and you’ve summed up my weekend. Saturday morning we had to leave really early to head to our friends house to carpool out to the baby shower. It was really fun and needless to say, my run didn’t happen that morning, but eating a ton of pasta that day did…. We left our house at 9 am and didn’t get back home until 9:30 pm. Here a photo from the shower.

We both needed a down day so Sunday we didn’t do anything too crazy. I ran in the morning, then it was off to church and then we went to visit another one of my friends who had a baby. It was a lot of fun to catch up and meet her.

So anyways, after I got home I remembered that I had seen a sign for a ‘Hatch Chili Roasting’. Now, I’ve read about said Hatches on both Waspy Redhead and I know Kate is a HUGE fan, like overfeed my twitter and every social media available with hatch recipes and amazing photos. I felt like I needed to get on this fricken Hatch Train. I have never seen them out here before but I stopped by the roasting at our local Sprouts Market and picked up quite a few, in case I liked them. Well, I made an easy Creamy Hatch dip last night and then the highly recommended Hatch Mac and Cheese. Both of these, highly bad for your diet, make me feel like I am going to breath fire… but OH SO ADDICTING.

Just writing this, remembering my stomach and throat on fire… All I want is MORE. So good. I’m glad I got more hatches to freeze and cannot wait to try more recipes! I feel like they would be so good in chilies and soups and good for winter. Anyways. Last night I went to bed early so I wouldn’t be so exhausted this morning. I still was… but I dragged myself out of bed this morning and ran 4 miles. Was I really awake for those miles? Who knows, they got done, the garmin beeped and that’s all that matters.



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