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So I’ve never run a Disney race. EVER. I know, shocking to most, but since I started running half’s, I never had really heard of them and then I started working for Run Racing and we always worked their expos and I just wasn’t really training enough since the Disneyland Half and Tinkerbell Half are right before and after our busy season. Now that I don’t work there anymore and heard about a chance to run the Disneyland Half, I jumped at the chance. This morning, there was also a sneak peek of the course and a ton of fun, magical surprises that I got to be a part of as well! It was such a fun way to kick off my morning with something so different and a great way to kick off Disneyland Half Weekend!


The girls at Team Sparkle let me borrow this awesome Minnie Sparkle Skirt for the run and it was absolutely perfect! It made me get in the mood and feel magical, even when it was 6:00 am. Once we started on the run, which was lead by Jeff Galloway, it was awesome to see all the Disney Employees cheering for us and clapping for us running by as there were not guests in the park. Using the Galloway method to run the 3 miles through the park was great to because we got to stop and take pictures.

It was a beautiful morning for a run and everything was so cool to be a bit ‘behind the scenes’ :) Really awesome to see so many parts of the park!

I was lucky enough to meet up with these pretty girls, Carrie and Kelly, in the morning and it was great running with them! There were already so many Team Sparkle skirts at the Meet up this morning, makes me even more excited for this weekend!

And I got to see Carrie rocking the newest Team Sparkle addition, a Team Sparkle Visor! I must get one of these asap. All my visors are SO boring and blah and I’ve never seen cute girly ones, so this is on my list of things I want for my birthday!

Running through the castle was one of the many highlights of the through the park run. I’m so glad that Jeff Galloway stopped to let us take a little bit longer by the castle.

The run went through CA Adventure as well!

I should have known that I would have run into Tinkerbell and Sleeping Beauty, it is Disney and Carrie and Kelly always add sparkle! :)

I’ve actually never BEEN to California Adventure. Shocking, I know. It was super fun to see it without guest visitors and see more of the park that is totally new for me!

When the run was over we ended up at Animation Studios in California Adventure where we got to learn more about Run Disney and they had special speakers for us. I loved all the Speakers they had. Jeff Galloway talked about how important training, hydration and how he got over a recent hip injury.

Also Sarah and Dimity from Run Like a Mother talked about life balance and how important working out was. I love Dimity’s quote of getting up in the morning, “Don’t Think, just Go.” I really need to remind myself of that more. Finally the event was kicked off with Suzy Favor Hamilton talking about how she overcame depression. It was a really insightful and amazingly personal story and I’m so glad she shared with us. After that MICKEY CAME OUT and I turned into a 12 year old.

Sadly, I had to scoot off to work and was worried about hitting traffic, so I left while everyone else got to enjoy breakfast! The whole morning made me so excited to run the Disneyland Half this weekend. Now to think of a good costume :) There seriously is something magical in the water over at Disneyland though. I left with a smile plastered on my face and a skip in my step and haven’t stopped thinking about it all morning. I’m thinking about my race on Sunday and already am excited!


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