So as you can tell, I recently got my blog redesigned! I absolutely love how it came out and it’s been a long time coming. I just couldn’t decide how I wanted it to look and when I saw the lovely Leap Designs, I knew I would want to work with her. It it much more ‘me’ and I’m so glad that it is all changed up. It looks so much cleaner to me as well. There are still a few more small tweaks for me to update, but it should be totally completed by this weekend. If you are looking for a blog design, I totally recommend Blair from Leap. She is amazing, fast, creative and doesn’t cost a billion dollars.


Another big change for me is that I am going to be starting a new job on Monday, August 13th. Though I am very sad to leave my current job, my new opportunity is much more focused solely on social media and it’s a great opportunity for me to continue my career with what I’m most passionate about. When I started here, our facebook page was at 153 likes, and we just surpassed the 18,000 likes mark. I cannot lie, it made me a little teary. I have enjoyed learning a lot here and will miss all my emails from participants and the crazy schedule but I am very, very excited about my new job. And what can I say, I’m already considering running Long Beach this year… we’ll see :)

This week has been pretty busy. Monday morning I went for a little run in the morning but I was pretty sluggish. Monday evening was a ton of fun with a Kelly Clarkson concert with Kristy and Shea.  Needless to say, Kelly is amazing live and it was a fun girls night out.

Of course, both B and I were totally sucked into the Olympics on Tuesday night cheering for the USA Women’s Gymnastics team. So that was a late night, with no working out on Tuesday.


Last night we went to a local restaurant that is called Lazy Dog that allows dogs on the patio for George’s 1st Birthday! If you have one by your house, you should totally go, the food is awesome and the environment both inside and outside the restaurant is fantastic. It’s not super expensive and we both got a box to take half our food home. We went with his best dog friend, Mogley. He belongs to a guy who works at B’s station, and they are usually partners on the ambulance, we hang out with the couple a lot. It was a nice evening and the dogs were really well behaved. Mogley got George a little Angels shirt. :) I even made them birthday hats in celebration.

Needless to say, this morning I was pretty tired and didn’t go for my run as planned. :/ Tomorrow morning I’m going to the gym and I am going to catch up this weekend by hitting up the Legacy Running Store Run Club meet up on Saturday and trying out a new spin class at our gym on Saturday as well. I wish they had better times for the class, but oh well, I will try to go when I can if I like it.


Hope you like the new look over here!



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23 Responses to Ch-Ch-Channnnges

  1. Sarah OUaL says:

    I LOVE THE NEW LOOK! It’s so you :) I bailed on yoga last night – traffic was horrendous but my body was tired anyway, so I told myself it was a sign for a rest day. Have a good run this weekend!

  2. Marlene says:

    Okay, you totally need to run LB and then write the wackiest complaint emails you can think of to the person who takes over your job. hahaha

    Happy Birthday George! I sooo wish we had a restaurant like that!

  3. Kelly says:

    Love the new look :) So excited for the new job! Happy Birthday G!

  4. Amber says:

    LOVE IT! Definitely very you! I remember reading your blog when you got your last new design and your last new job so clearly I’ve been reading for awhile and just love following you through all these life changes!!!

    I am really curious about your new job! Are you going to share online or trying to keep it under wraps? :)

  5. Leigh says:

    LOVE the new look! Congratulations on your new position as well. So exciting! Haha, George’s dog friend is HUGE! :)

  6. Jaime says:

    Love the new design! And, congratulations on the new job!

  7. Congrats on the new job! Hope we get to hear more about it!

  8. Mae says:

    Love the new design. Congrats and good luck on your new venture!

  9. Love the new look! It’s so very “you.” Also, congratulations on the new job!

  10. Lauren says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout! So totally you! Looks great!

    So cute that you went to Lazy Dog with George. Super cute. M would kill me if I even suggested it LOL!

    Congrats on the new job too but does this mean I won’t see you at all the expos anymore? :(

  11. Christy says:

    Love the new look on the blog! Reminds me of your wedding. :) And congrats on the new job!!

  12. Shannon says:

    Looks nice! Congrats on the new job!

  13. Missy says:

    Congratulations on the new job! My girlfriends and I are going to see Kelly Clarkson in September when she comes to Charlotte, love her!

  14. Kathy says:

    Love the new look – it’s totally you (from what I’ve seen). ;) And congrats on the new job! Is it still in the events industry or will be a more “regular 9 to 5″ kind of job? I worked for a triathlon company for one year and decided I was more of a traditional gal when it came to work. But to each her own! I know lots of people love that kind of job.

  15. Sandy says:

    Congratulations on the new job and the blog looks great! Lazy Dog is great! My daughter works there and she loves it!!

  16. Page says:

    CONGRATS! So many good changes: the blog, the job – it’s going to be a very exciting year!

  17. Congratulations on both the new look and the new job!!! I love your blog, it’s definitely my favorite and the new design looks great. Also, I recently changed jobs (after 13 years) and can tell you change is always a great experience. Best of luck and hope to read more about it soon!

  18. Beth says:

    Love the new look! Congrats on the new job, I know you wont miss those crazy parents at the kids run, or driving the media truck, or the long hours of race weekend, or complaints about the shirts/medals, although we all may miss hearing the crazy stories, lol.
    Looking forward to hearing about your new adventure! The hubs just changed jobs after 15 years w/the same company and is having a blast at his new job, sometimes change is good!

  19. Anne Marie says:

    Looks great! Congrats and good luck in your new job!

  20. Jason says:

    Congrats on the new job, Danica! See you out on the course(s)!

  21. Sharon says:

    I absolutely love the new design…so fresh and clean looking! Congratulations on the new job. Can’t wait to read all about it!

  22. Melissa says:

    Congrats on the new job Danica!! Best of luck to you – will miss your RunRacing tweets :) Love the blog redesign, so streamlined & clean – it’s great!

  23. Carol says:

    Are you the new Tone It Up social media coordinator? ;)

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