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Wonderful Weekend Workouts

This weekend was one of those weekends that was pretty awesome. Work outs involved? Yup. Friends involved? Yup. Relaxing time involved? Yup. Date night? Yup.

It just doesn’t get any better sometimes. The weather here has been really hot and muggy lately, which isn’t normal for us here. Though it seemed to stay at bay this weekend and Friday night B and I went to the new Veggie Grill by our house. Now, I’m a meat eater, but veggie grill is just too good! I love their Spicy Chicken Sandwich (not really chicken) and this time I tried their All American Stack, which is a type of ‘steak’ and it was just as good. Throw in some sweet potato fries and I was loving it! It was B’s first time so he was a bit apprehensive, but he liked it as well and said he would be going back! We ended the night with a movie at home, This Means War with Reese Witherspoon. A cute fun movie and a lot of it was filmed in Long Beach! Random.

Saturday morning I took off for a 3 mile run with George and it was hot and sweaty and perfect! I came home and did a little bit of jump rope and sit ups and push ups. It was muggy but fun and I felt awesome after it, the goal of every workout. Then I had a baby shower to attend.

We had a little BBQ after the shower with the couple as well. It was such a nice day out.

Sunday morning was another short run which started the heart rate high and then we lounged around and watched some TV. I went to the market, one of my favorite things to do is grocery shop, while B slept. B was very tired and he is working four out of the next 5 days so I wasn’t too bummed that he wanted to sleep extra. I made chicken salad for my lunch this week and then chicken lasagna roll ups. It was just relaxing. Dinner out on the patio topped off with a movie, doesn’t get much better in my book.  It was one of those weekends when on Sunday night I looked around and thought of all I did this weekend and was just thankful. I was thankful to have a great weekend with fun, enjoyable workouts, time spent with friends and getting a chance to catch up with B. I am also so excited because next week is our one year anniversary! I cannot wait!

Tonight I’m running after work and my cousins are coming over to help me eat up the rest of the lasagna rolls so they don’t go bad. Sometimes life is just so good you have to take a moment to soak it up!


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