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What’s next on the training calendar?

What have I done this week? Well to be completely honest, besides a 3 miler with George on morning because I was awake early and he was being rambunctious and going to the gym once in the evening when B was working, I’ve done absolutely nothing. And it has felt amazing. I slept in almost every day, well to 6:45, instead of waking up at 5:45 and it was seriously glorious.

Life is about balance and sometimes that’s hard for me to remember. I always want to be on the go, doing something, onto the next thing. And sometimes I need to remember to stop and breath and soak it in. Also, it’s easy to be consumed with comparing yourself to others. Being a girl, I know I do it constantly. It’s easy to say, I’m happy with myself! Be comfortable in your own skin, but it’s harder to actually do it. These two combinations lead to no where good, and the rest week I took was much needed.

Getting deep on a Friday I guess. This weekend I’m getting back on the workout train because I feel rested and ready to go for it again. It was a nice, unexpected break and sometimes that’s just what I need to get motivated again. This morning I was even thinking of maybe signing up for another half marathon. Seeing as we have 5 events with work in a span of 70 days doesn’t really allow for the time to train unfortunately.

So we’ll see what I can pull together. Maybe just a few fun runs here and there. Anyone know of a good race in September that isn’t expensive? Maybe I’ll run a spring half marathon and just start building my mileage now so I don’t get hurt and overwhelmed with training. When you’re a runner I think it’s in your blood to constantly ask yourself what’s next. After my mini rest week, I’m ready to start thinking about what might be next on my training calendar.


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