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They are coming!

I love the Olympics. I pretty much could watch any sport on television, except basketball,  and when you put all the extra bling and excitement of the Olympics I can be glued for hours. Good thing they have bikes at the gym and I can just ride the bike and watch all day long!

It also always gives me this false feeling that I can go out and just crush an 800 or dominate at the pool and swim like a dolphin like Michael Phelps does. Which yea, I get all hyped up, take off on the track and am sucking wind after 100 meters on an all out sprint, I realize that yea, the Olympic dream is not in my future.

I’m so excited about the opening ceremonies tonight and of course, my love for red white and blue is going to be shown in my daily apparel since I get made fun of wearing those colors every day no matter what.

This weekend I’m finally getting a hair cut and I have a six mile run planned and then some serious biking on Sunday, of course, watching the Olympics all day long! Probably will spend some time with this little monkey as well :)

Love, love, love the summer evenings!


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