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La Palma 10K Race Recap

The Fourth this year was kicked off in what is becoming a tradition by running the LA Palma 10K. It was a wonderful morning for running as it was cool and overcast, which was a change from the heat last year! I wore my Team Sparkle Skirt, and Team Sparkle legwarmers, which I switched to arm warmers and then I found a USA Headband at Target for 1.50. I put it in my visor and it stayed put perfectly the entire race.

B held onto George as I ran the first 2.75 miles and picked up George for the remainder of the race . Unfortunately, in his excitement of being at the race and having so many people around, he kept getting caught in the cape I made for him, so he only wore it before and after the race.

Everyone was loving him on the run and people were cheering for him. I ran a decent pace the first 2.75 miles, but he pulled me to beat my goal of 54 flat! Thankfully! :) The beginning of the race went by quickly and before I knew it I had met up with them and off we went. I only drank at one water station on the course, and it was before I picked up George. The last two miles, though much cooler than last year were still tough and I was hurting. Even with training, 10Ks always just seem like hard races to run. It did give me motivation to keep up my mileage to do better in my next race, whenever that might be. It was a good feeling to be running and pushing myself again. I kept checking my Garmin and doing (terrible) math in my head to figure out if I could reach my goal.

My hip wasn’t hurting and besides tiredness I was feeling excellent. We rounded the corner and saw B waiting for us at the finish line!

Everyone was cheering for us as we neared the finish line! The last mile I tried to run as hard as I possibly could. YAY for another fun La Palma 10K on the Fourth of July.

There is something about this race that warms my heart. It’s always so much fun to see the community come out, say thank you to all the volunteers and be a part of such a small race. There are so many things I would personally do differently to grow the race, and help with operations, but there is something that is so fun and different to me about this race and I love the small town feel so I hope it never grows. I also was stoked to find out I placed 2nd in my Age Group! It was also fun to see my friend Kristy at the race as well. She did the 5K and I can’t wait to see her again soon and do a girls night with her and Shea :)

Overall, I love starting my fourth off with this race and hope to keep the tradition going for many years! I’m glad George had a good time and was so happy to be out running with everyone. After the race we went out to our friends house and had a BBQ, nothing crazy. The best part of the day though was B making breakfast for both my in-laws and myself after the race! He even did great incorporating the 4th of July theme as well. :)

So thankful for all those fighting for our countries freedom so we can celebrate our nation on the 4th of July!


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