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Goals for La Palma 10K

So tomorrow I’ll be ‘racing’ again. I’m going to use the term racing pretty loosely and use the word running the La Palma 10K. I do love this race and I’m even more excited to see KRISTY! Who will be running as well, we ran it last year as well and I have missed her. Though my mileage is fine, I won’t be blazing across the course and will more so be happy to cross the start and finish line without passing out. I also am pretty stoked to have G run the last little section of the race and know his cape is going to be a gigantic hit. If only to me, I don’t care, it’s pretty radical. I attempted to finish the cape last night, buttttt my first attempt looked like a napkin. FAIL. I made a new one that looks a little better.

So onto the race tomorrow morning. Goodness sakes. I haven’t written a goals post in a long time. Because as of lately, I really don’t care about my running goals. I’m out there enjoying getting my fitness on, not about the awesomely terrible times I’ve been throwing down. All I care about is running pain free and not sucking wind. Which I’m sure no matter what I do, both of those things will happen tomorrow morning because 10Ks are just rough. So here’s some lose goals for the morning…

A. If all things go well and I don’t totally have to derail myself, I hope to hit around a 54:00 Finish time

This will happen if I don’t completely die in the heat and feel good throughout the race. The weather is looking rather good, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it stays cool and overcast until it’s over. That finish time is an 8:45 per mile, which I think is feasible. I know the last three miles from last year are pretty much int he blazing sun, so we’ll see how that goes. I do know the last 800 is when I will have G with me and he will take off like a rock out of a slingshot so that will pull me to the end which will be fun.

B. If I’m dying in the sun, I think add another 4 minutes to my time, which is still under 6o, so I’d be happy with that. I am kind of looking forward to having a semi respectable goal. 58:00

C. Then if all the wheels fall off and I just melt in the Sun, I’ll hope for a 62. Which I would be sad with, but hey, running a 10K on the fourth. It’s hot out, I will no matter what be happy with a finish.

In 2010 I ran a 54:26

In 2011 I ran a 55:44

So lets make tomorrow a new La Palma 10K PR! haha. Maybe. Maybe George will be my new good luck charm!



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