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Can I get a big, obnoxious AMEN! for good workouts? This week has been awesome in the workout category which gives me all the more reason to believe that an unplanned rest week was just what I needed.

Monday – ran with George. Dog is a sprinter. I was a ‘sprinter’ 10 years ago. Needless to say I could barely keep up! He ran me right into the ground at scorching speeds. 7:32 first mile, in which I thought he would surely slow down the following two miles. 7:48 second mile and a blazing 7:41 third mile. My garmin hasn’t seen those speeds in quite some time. Needless to say we were both exhausted when we got home and I was pretty darn sweaty, which I love.

Tuesday – Another evening run with George, but I waited till it was a little cooler to go. These summer nights seriously are perfect for evening runs. We ran slower on this run because I was still tired from the run the evening before. Another three miler in the books and right on track for the week.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed much to my sadness, but once I was up and had splashed cold water on my face I was good to go! Off to the gym I went, where I had an excellent workout. Since my legs were tired from the weeks run thus far, I made sure to work my arms extra hard and did a ton of sit ups and pushups. I had a great pandora station on, and just went to town and it felt fantastic.

George was tired just like me after our workouts! Its getting up early or making time at night to get in even a short workout that gets me right back on track.

I feel like walking around at the office and singing, “Man, it feels good to be a gangster…”

But that would just be weird.


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