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You go way too fast

This past weekend went by WAY to fast! I worked Friday and Saturday at the Rock n Roll Expo in San Diego, which was pretty fun when I got to wear this costume.

After I got home, B came home on Sunday from work as well and we did a lot of things around the house. We have been re-doing our front yard and so we watched the sprinklers go on and off to make sure all the new sod we recently laid was being watered properly. Sounds boring but seeing all the work and the grass growing in the front yard is pretty exciting when you put so much work into it. I went for a short run on Sunday morning and am getting more confident that my hip is getting better.

Sunday afternoon we sat outside on our new patio furniture that we got from Shea’s parents and played with George in the backyard. We throw the ball against the wall and he tries to catch it and does almost a back flip. It’s so much fun to watch him fly through the air, and it tires him out quick! Here he looks like he’s jumping off the wall but really he’s flying through the air.

It was so nice out and as the sun went down I kept thinking, man the weekend just goes by too fast. After this weekend though we don’t have a work expo for quite some time so that is a nice break from working on the weekends. I plan to go running this evening after work. I love the longer evenings and the sun staying out later. Makes the days so much longer and more productive!


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