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The Watermelon 5 Miler, wait 3 miler, wait not really a race

So I was all set to run the Watermelon 5 miler last night. So was George. He was pumped.

He’s at the point that when I start putting on my running clothes and tying up my running shoes he’s getting so excited and knows that we are going to go running. I get him all excited by asking him if he wants to come and he races around and is so stoked to go for a run. So off we went to the race, where I had to pay 5 dollars to park in the park and therefore I was left with $25 dollars in cash, which I thought would for sure cover my race entry fee. I had my debit card as well just in case. Alas, they didn’t take debit cards annnnd the race was $35 dollars. I did offer them all my money just for a bib no t-shirt and they wouldn’t take it. Oh well.  They looked pretty shocked when I said I didn’t have my checkbook, so therefore I didn’t run the race. Who carries a checkbook? Since the streets weren’t closed I just ran three and a half miles through the park and made it back in time to see the finishers of the race. Including a couple girls from Legacy Running and of course… the super fast Watermelon.

The first two girls, Nicole and Kendall, who I actually am lucky enough to know in real life. Both are inspiring runners and really nice! I’m glad I get to watch them finish miles in front of me. :) George did enjoy his 3 and a half mile run around the park and was quite happy to be at the park. He saw many squirrels, which was new to him and I thought he was going to climb right up a tree after them.

Here we are waiting at the finish to cheer on the girls coming in.

This picture he looks super crazy, but it’s because there was a dog on the other side of Nicole who took this photo, and George likes to terrorize other dogs. I’m not sunburned either, just the filter from instagram.

Though I didn’t officially run the race, or get a watermelon, it was fun to see the community runners and make some new friends. I never really go over to that park and I had forgotten how nice it is over there, so I think I see some summer running there in the future. Where I go through the side gate so I don’t have to pay to park. Overall, a success, even without officially running a race!

And George had no problem running the 3.5 miles… he dragged me behind him running an 8:05 pace. I thought my heart was going to explode. He is crazy. When we were by the runners who were in the race he just wanted to pass people left and right. I can totally tell he is some kind of whippet mix because where there is something in front of him he wants to chase, chase, chase it. Just like racing dogs. I, on the other hand, like to meander around, enjoying my scenery and going nice and slow. Alas, we are finding a happy medium.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a 5 miler to make sure I’m all set for the 4th of July race and go to the gym as well! This weekend B has off, so it will be nice to see him since I haven’t seen him in 3 days!


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