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Spontaneous Race TONIGHT!

So tonight I’m doing something a little out of the ordinary for me and being spontaneous. I am going to run a little 5 miler called the Summer Solstice Watermelon Run. Not something I would normally do but I thought it would be fun and since I overslept my alarm this morning… It makes up for my run. It will be the longest that G has run in an actual race as well! I also am all signed up for my favorite race of the year…. The La Palma 10k on the fourth of July! I have a cool headband with USA on it and I’m making G a red white and blue cape to run in as well.

Notice how it says 11:02 pm? That’s because I was half way asleep and totally forgot that I needed to sign up and yesterday was the last day to do it online! I popped up and went to my computer to sign up. Thankfully I made it in time and this race isn’t expensive so therefore it didn’t do much damage.

Hopefully tonight it’s not too warm out there tonight and that it doesn’t take me two hours to finish. It will be nice to see how my hip holds up when I try to run tonight so hopefully it will go well.


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