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So it’s Thursday, and I’m finally getting back to blogging. This week has flown by and I can’t believe it’s the end of the month. This past weekend we went to a friend’s house to celebrate George’s friend Mogley’s 3rd Birthday. He is a great white Pyrenees. They seriously love each other! It’s so funny watching them play together. George loves to pull his tail and goes straight for it all the time.

I have an appointment with the DMV to FINALLY get my name changed.. only a year later… which it went rather quickly.I don’t know how I always end up with short hair for my license pictures, but I wore the same color tank top as I did in my previous picture from 5 years prior. I think I look very similar actually.

I ran went to the gym on Monday and ran with George on Tuesday. Yesterday I was planning on running but then things came up with my in-laws and so I didn’t get the chance. I am breaking in a new pair of my beloved KSwiss Keahous and I like them because they have some accents of gold on them. Fitting as the Olympics are starting soon! I’ve been watching a lot of the trials and I find it so fascinating. Shea knows that I am a big fan and remembers when we were living together and our TiVo was FULL of all Olympics.

After our run, I guess when B was watching Rambo (really? I know) I was sleeping with little G. He is quite the little baby 99% of the time.

Alas, going to run again tonight. Can’t believe the La Palma 10K is almost here. I feel pretty good about the race, and am looking forward to my final 5 miler this weekend to make sure I am prepared! I’m also making George a little cape to run with. I know the day will be warm though and so he’s only going to run the last mile with me, not the whole race because I don’t want him to get too hot.



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