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Back in the groove

So after running pretty consistently, I’m feeling much better about the upcoming 4th of July race. I have followed my plan pretty closely and feel like my endurance is coming back slowly, which is giving me hope. Also, my injuries are seeming to subside at this point, knock on wood, thus far. My calf muscles are a little tight, but I am foam rolling them and working on stretching more often as well, which seems to help. This weekend I went for a 4 mile run and also went to the gym, which I haven’t been to the gym in a while. I was pretty sore from doing pushups the next day.

I also saw some coyotes on my run, which was pretty scary, for me at least. I was really glad I didn’t have George with me when I ran on Sunday morning. I don’t think I have ever ran so fast in the opposite direction in my life. And to top it off I kept looking back to make sure they weren’t chasing me.

I did bake some banana bread this weekend, that was taken to the fire station today, so that is thankfully off my hands. I would have ended up eating all of it! We also have been working with George on bringing the ball back lately. He will always chase it, but most of the time when we first started, he wouldn’t bring it back and would play keep away. Now he is almost to the point of not need a treat to reward him and he realizes that he will get to chase the ball again if he brings it back. I worked with him on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, Shea and I traveled to our favorite stores, TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and picked up a few little gems. I love the fact that I texted her in the morning and she was down to make the rounds with me. Always a good time, especially after a great workout that morning.

B came home from work Sunday morning. This was from when we came home from dinner on Sunday evening, but I just love this picture :) This next weekend we are having Father’s Day at our house and I’m pretty excited about it. I love having people over and thought it’s just a small gathering, I think it’s so fun, so I made little invitations for my family and mailed them out.

They are pretty cheesy, but fun to make :) We are just going to have a BBQ and B is good at cooking for a large crowd, like he has to do at the Firehouse, so I’m lucky in that regard. I’m just happy this week it seems. I guess in the words of Elle Woods, exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy! :)

My favorite part of the ‘trail’ by my house :)


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