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Weekend Recap + Running Update

Wow, so I write a post on being busy and then last week the time just kept slipping away and before I knew what happened it’s Tuesday. In the middle of MAY. I’m still writing 2011 on things and we are already planning for 2013. So maybe I’ve just lost it. Anyways, this past weekend was great. We went to the City of Hope Luncheon for those who survived Bone Marrow Transplants. It has been 5 years since my father in law has gotten his!

It was an awesome celebration and a beautiful day. It was a little bittersweet since I know my mom did not survive cancer, and it was also her birthday and mothers day this weekend, awesome, but it was really fun to celebrate him and all his medical accomplishments.

Here’s a picture of us :) B actually smiled and looks semi normal, minus the stains on  his shorts, which we put in the donation pile after we got home. I swear he’s like a 9 year old. Alas, Saturday, we had some friends over for lunch and George had a play date with his buddy.

Sunday, B worked and I took George for a morning run, which made him pant by the time we were home!

He ran 3 miles, and I’m trying to get back into the habit of taking him. He really enjoys it but he just pulls so hard! He LOVES running. I swear he could run for miles and miles. Alas, I am sticking to shorter distances for now.

So about those short distances. As of recent, I’ve really enjoyed getting back into running without a goal. I went to the gym Saturday morning and rode 5 miles and then did weights for about 45 minutes. Sunday morning I ran 3 miles and last night B and I went for a three mile walk with George as well. It’s nice not to be sticking to a plan thus far this month, but I have a feeling at the end of the month, I will want to do another race, so hopefully by that time I will have figured out what I want to run in the fall.

I do want to do another triathlon, but at the same time, not being able to dedicate the proper time to it would leave me disappointed when it comes to standing on the start line. So hopefully by the end of the month I will have more of a grasp on my time and what is going to be going on this summer so I can decide what to ‘train’ for.


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