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Morning Running

As for this weekend, we were up in Big Bear which was tons of fun and a great weekend away. This week we are starting on our front lawn, getting the sprinklers installed and so George is spending some time at Doggie Day Care, aka my in-laws. :)

As for running, I am working on getting back into a routine for summer and it’s going well. It’s so easy to get up when it’s light out and warm out. So every morning I’m waking up at 6 am and going for a 2-3 mile run. I’m trying to get back into the routine slowly because I don’t want to hurt my IT band again, which stopped me from running previously. It’s nice because I can take George on these runs and he is all tired for the rest of the day.

I am actually going to restrain myself from signing up for another half for a while. I wanted to do the Memorial Day Half but I am going to try to heal completely before going too far and having more issues with the IT band. I AM going to keep the tradition alive and run the La Palma Fourth Of July 10k. Maybe I will place in my age group since there are a total of like 5 runners there. Awesome strategy, I know. I’ve been running that race forever and it’s so much fun to attempt to run fast.

So I can’t believe that’s pretty much the end of May… We have a wedding to go to this weekend which will be fun and then it’s June and summer if officially here! We have been doing some grilling and I am enjoying it so much. After dinner we usually take George for a walk as well and he is being spoiled lately by all these walks.

Here are some pictures from this weekend. B even let George off the leash and though he went REALLY far away, he came back. Thankfully I was not there when it happened, because I would have probably had a heart attack.

Seriously, he is a giant baby. I tell ya.


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