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Map Project

Another crafting success! I finally made this for B for Valentines Day and he loved it! We are going to have it up on our gallery wall and it really is cool. The Map Project started when I saw it on Pinterest and it was simple and looks really fancy. :) Mine is a little bit different than the ones I’ve seen but there are so many different variations and you can do whatever is easiest for you. You can even pick different ‘places’ or ‘events’ to highlight as well.

Mine ‘places’ were pretty easy since the place we met, married and now live are all in CA. I started off getting the frame from Walmart for $8 dollars. Then I went to AAA and got maps for FREE. Holla. Then I cautiously cut out larger squares then what I would need, making sure to get the cities name into the center area of each square. I did this by tracing what area I would want up against the window so the sun would show through and it made it much easier to see the part that would be showing through the frame opening.

I also got an embroidery needle and a small thing of embroidery thread as well. Next, I lightly traced out the ‘shape’ I would be ‘sewing’ with the thread in pencil. Then I went through with the needle and thread and followed the pencil line. This was the most difficult part as the needle is pretty large and poking holes into the paper was difficult because I didn’t want to rip the map.

The heart was for where we met, the two circles (rings) were for where we married and the house, obviously, is for where we live now. Then I taped them into the frame and made sure the area highlighted by the sewing was showing well. Then I trimmed some of the excess from the squares.

It was pretty easy and only took me about an hour to complete once I sat down to do it. I am going to add labels underneath each location as well so that when people look at it, they will understand it. For being so inexpensive, it is a great addition to our gallery wall!


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