Lately, it seems I have struggled a lot to get content to blog about, you know, anything exciting, interesting, happening… and I guess right now my life is pretty boring.

Which I actually like. A lot. I know that I like being alone. I like doing my own thing and right now, I am enjoying just cruising along at my own little pace. It’s nice to have a chance to notĀ  have to worry about the next thing and the next thing. Last year at this time we were pretty crazy with the whole wedding that was going on and though it was a ton of fun, I’m really looking forward to this summer, just sitting around and enjoying our house and the warm weather.

I have been running, but it’s nothing extraordinary, I’m not training for anything and though I’ve thrown around a few “races” in my head to do, I just don’t really have the desire to train. Lately, every morning I’ve been getting up and running 2-3.5 miles with George and I really enjoy it. No music, just him and I running through our neighborhood. Not many people are out yet, but the sun is up and it’s really been a great way to start off my day.

I thought about doing a Tri this fall, but I just don’t have the heart to do it. Maybe I’m in a rut, but I actually like this rut. I know I do love the races, but right now, I just don’t love training. I was talking with a friend the other day and she was telling me how she felt the same way.

Sometimes it’s nice to just be.

I’m not going to blog just to blog and I have a few random things to post about coming up, but for now, just enjoying time with B, re-finding the joy in running and working seems to be the norm.


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  1. I find myself in the exact same place and honestly I think that just means we’re both very happy! That’s a definite WIN! :)

  2. Efo says:

    You are totally not alone. It’s great to “just be” and I’m diggin’ that lifestyle right now also. Life is good just the way it is :) Except, you totally could do more posts about George and running with him. You know how much I love that little guy.

  3. Kelly says:

    I’m ready to ” just be” maybe after we move :)

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