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2012 CSULB Reserve Triathlon Race Report

This past Sunday I did my first Triathlon. I must admit I was really, really, really nervous for the whole entire thing. It was a reverse triathlon with a 5K run, a 12 mile bike, and a 400 meter swim, in that order. I had no idea how it all worked and really just wanted to do one to see if it is something I would possibly want to do again. I didn’t want to go all out when I had no idea what I was doing in the first place. The race takes place not far from our house and B came along which was extra exciting for me :)

I had to go pick up my packet Saturday and the packet pick up was located at a little Tri Shop right around the corner from our house so I picked it up, nothing exciting or special, just a bib and a unisex cotton t-shirt. B could tell I was really nervous all day. I guess I was nervous of the unexpected. It’s so much different than just going out and running for a couple hours. We packed everything up and double checked my bike the night before and then got to bed around 10. He had his friend’s birthday party so we went out for a little bit but came home early and I didn’t drink at all.

Race morning came and I pressed snooze a few times. I didn’t want to get up because that meant one step closer to the start line. Finally I was all ready to go and we traveled over to the Cal State Long Beach pool to set up all my stuff. When I got there I was rather intimidated by all the people already set up and ALL their gear. I mean these people had tons of stuff. I had two gus, my helmet, my towel and my goggles. Since I don’t have clip in shoes for my bike, I didn’t have to worry about changing over my shoes. After we set it all up it was over to the start line where people were starting to congregate.

You can see how nervous I am in this picture and yes, my shoes are pretty much always going to be colored after the Color Run last weekend :)

B took a few pictures throughout the race that I think shows that I just was so scared the entire time. I must admit, it wasn’t as hard as I imagined, and I wasn’t ever tired during the race. I know I didn’t push myself because in my mind I was so scared of what was going to happen next and nervous that I wouldn’t have enough left in me to keep going. Alas, I did at the end and it’s a lesson learned.

We started off with the run. It wasn’t that easy of a 5K, a few small hills, about 8 flights of stairs (???) and some downhill, before I knew it, we were back in the transition area and I was to grab my bike and run out and hop on. This happened pretty quickly. I grabbed half a gu and ate it while I grabbed my bike. There was a big chalk area where we were suppose to get on your bike, so I hopped on and peddled away.

Transitions were pretty easy because I had nothing hard to change into or do so they were both under a minute. To get my bike and run out took me 52 seconds.

I realized I am pretty much terrified of my bike. I just don’t like going fast because it scares me. a LOT. So I peddled hard on the flat sections and braked going down the hills. The first time on the entire bike loop I went SO slow just because I was so scared. The bike loop was not that difficult, there was one giant hill on the backside of the loop, and we just had to do the same loop four times. There were two areas where the hills were fairly steep and I was scared I was going to get too much speed and fly off and crash. I know it sounds stupid but it’s a huge fear of mine, so working on getting more comfortable on the bike is a top priority. Around and around the loop we went four times. I must toot my own horn, I killed it on the large hill there, and went up it without getting off my bike every time.

After four laps we turned back to go into the transition area and got off the bike, ran it over to the rack and totally forgot to take off my shorts and tank top before going over to the pool area, which may be why my transition time was only 35 seconds. At this point I grabbed another gu and took half of it on my way to the pool. Right before jumping in I realized I needed to take of my clothes. So I was totally that person who took of their clothes on the side of the pool, which I didn’t want to be. Fail.

I jumped in, which I HATE jumping into the pool and started swimming. I was a little out of breath but I was okay and told myself to just keep going. I looked down and just swam. I made it to the wall and went under the rope and swam, further and further, until the wall was right there, this was repeated for the next 7 lanes. I just kept going until I would get to the wall. Twice I touched the wall and I popped my head up and B was right there telling me to keep going. I literally at one point yelled HOW MUCH FARTHER because I felt like I was swimming forever. He snapped this GREAT picture of myself…. looking rather happy?

Swim, swim, swim, swim it seemed to take forever, and finally I climbed up the stairs on the side of the pool and across the mats I went for a pretty non celebratory finish. So I was done? I looked around and yup, there I was, all done. The took off the chip on my ankle and off I went. It was pretty sad that it was over like that. I at least wanted a medal to wear around back to the car and add to the collection, alas, no medals for this tiny race.

So after that non-exciting finish… I just felt kind of sad. I knew I could have pushed a lot harder in all aspects of the race. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t sore, it just wasn’t my best effort and I think that’s because I played some mind games with myself the entire time of how tired I would be and how I had to “save” something for the next part of the race. There are always more races though! So it wasn’t terrible at all, it was pretty actually easy. Nothing was really taxing or hard and I’m really glad I did it, but I guess if I could do it again I would try much harder in all parts of the race.

I didn’t know what to expect going into the race and now I know what I need to work on and how to train for the next one if I decide to do another one. I’m glad I did it and happy with my time.

103   97 Danica        lakewood       CA  26 F   82 26:52    0:52  134   53:18    0:35 11:02  103 1:32:37 F2029

I do think it was a fun experience and would consider doing another one but right now I need to get back into being more on track at the gym and making an effort to be consistent. So kicking off the month of May with consistency on the brain.


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