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Tri Goals

So I pretty much have no idea how this is going to go this weekend. I had a dream I lost my diamond in my ring in the pool. I had a dream I slept through the alarm and had a dream I ran the 5k, and then forgot to get on my bike and ran the bike course. I think my training has gone okay for this event.

I’ve ridden 12 miles on my bike once. But do feel much more comfortable after riding my bike more often, especially after riding it to work.

I’ve swam, at the most, thirty minutes, and swam about 7 times in the last three weeks.

I ran a half marathon and jogged a 5K last weekend. I ran once this week. The running part of the race is short, so I can push there.

My strategy for this weekend is run hard. Recover on the bike and swim as hard as I can, which will be pretty slow motion.

This weekend I must do the following in this order:

Run 3.1 miles, Bike 20k (12.4 miles) and swim 400 meters.

So I will probably scream with joy if I can pull it together and finish in 1:30.

That is my A goal – 1:30

My B goal – 1:45

My C goal – 2:00

I think if I finish in after 2:00 I will be pretty devastated and most likely this will be my last attempt at a triathlon.

I think these will be roughly my times.

5K- 30 minutes

Bike – 47 minutes

Swim – 9:30

So…. with that…. Sunday morning is race morning for something I’ve never even thought I’d be doing. We shall see how this goes. I guess with all these races I’ve been doing each weekend just means more excuse to carb load… ALL THE TIME!

Cheers to some beers and trying new things this weekend!


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