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The Color Run 5K Race Recap

Wow! So from one kind of race to the next! Not going to lie, my legs are STILL very sore from this weekend. The day after the Salt Lake City Half, I was ready to tackle the Color Run 5K with Shea. I have never done anything besides a regular running race and this was going to be quite different. We both really had no idea what to expect and driving down there race morning we were reading over a few ‘important reminders’ and it freaked us out! How colored would we be? What really is the color? Was oiling the hair really necessary? But we were both still really excited. We had made matching tutus and were all ready to go with our white tank tops. The weather was overcast and perfect for being out ‘running’.

The Color Run, Orange County, was taking place at the OC Great Park, which I have never been too. Shea was nice enough to pick up my bib while I was in Salt Lake City and I pinned on my number while we were heading down there. We parked, got our tutus on and got over to the portapotties. We got all ready and then traveled over to the start line where we also ran into Angry Julie. We hung with her and her friend Megan for the remainder of the race. We wanted to be in the first wave because we were nervous and excited. Everyone was wearing white around us and it was a cool vibe. I also think this should be called the Hipster Race, not the color run. Anyways, finally, we started!

At the start line, everyone is wearing white and the music is playing and the whole area is white balloons to signify the beginning. Each station has the color it represents on the flags surrounding it so you know what color you’ll be ‘getting’.

First we approached the yellow station, here is a video of what it was like going through the station. The color is actually just a powder and the volunteers just throw it on you. It tastes pretty bad, but it is all dusty and fun and you go through a big cloud of the color.

After each station we took a picture so that we could see our progress throughout the run. Here is our first photo after the yellow station.

Next it was onto the green color station! We walked a lot of the race, and my legs were sore from the half and we were just enjoying the people and talking. It was pretty fun.

Each station we went through, we switched sides so that we would get all colors covering us. That was a good idea because I think we got good normal color :). After the green station, where I got it all in my face, it was time for purple! Purple and pink were the last two colors and I think the best colors because they were both so bright so they stood out. We were looking forward to getting over to the purple and pink stations.

The purple cloud awaited us and soon we were doused with purple color! It was fun going through all the stations, and I’m pretty sure I closed my eyes and tried not to breath through them, but still, fun!

We kept getting dirtier and dirtier as the run went on! We took a group shot after purple color.

I am really glad I wore sunglasses! We were off to the pink station and the finish line was in sight.

By the end of the pink station, we were covered! I couldn’t believe we had run through this stuff! It was pretty fun and by the finish line we were totally different looking than when we started!

The entire run I carried my phone in a little plastic bag and it worked out well. I still got a ton of pictures and it didn’t mess up my phone at all, so I was thankful for that.

Every 15 minutes after the color run they have the color throw, which everyone gets a packet in their ‘goodie bag’ of color that they can throw after the race at the color throw. This was the color throw video that I took


and this was the aftermath on the ground.

SO MUCH COLOR EVERYWHERE! We stuck around at the finish for a little bit and waited for the next color throw to take place.


Finally it was time for the second color throw!

Miss Angry Julie Monday and myself! :)

It was amazing to see all the color packets go off in the air! Really a neat idea and interesting concept. At the end of the race I got a granola bar and a banana and some water.

Overall, it was really a fun, fun race. My legs were really sore and still are from the miles I put on them this weekend and I’m working on swimming a lot this week to get prepared for the Tri this weekend. I’m pretty nervous about that but I’m going to do a mini trial run on Thursday after work to see how it goes, so hopefully I don’t drown in the pool!



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