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Softball + Tri Fears

Last night we had softball playoffs. It is already the end of the second season and I really do enjoy playing. It gives me something to look forward to every week and now that I am in the groove I always keep my schedule clear for that evening. Our team is really fun and I love hanging out with everyone, it’s always a good time. Unless we play a certain team. A team with matching cleats, pants and shirts. A travel ball team who has played together for quite some time and last season they were in the division above us, won the division and yet came down to play in our division. Yea, that doesn’t make sense to me either but alas, we were in last place going into playoffs and they were in first.

We had actually played them last Wednesday, and the game was pretty dismal. They beat us like 18-2 and were still walking and taking pitches when they were winning by that much. I mean, I always say, this is softball, not walkball, and if I’m batting, I’m swinging at everything. How can you not? It’s SOFTBALL, for FUN. Anyways, they were rude, and mean even when they were winning, so last night we went all out and focused and beat them! It was really close but we pulled it off, which meant we had to play in the finals game immediately following. Though we lost in that game in extra innings, it was really fun still and we were still really happy that we beat the team that we found out last night, no one in the league liked! I guess everyone was annoyed by them and it wasn’t just us. By the end of the Championship game, it was raining pretty hard and we were all exhausted. Alas, I can’t wait until next season, and I’m really glad I decided to play. I really like it!

So this little mini reverse triathlon is um pretty much here and I’m pretty much having some crazy anxiety about it. I finally got a swimsuit that I don’t loathe. I found it at Marshalls, and it was $20. I like it.

After last weekend my legs were TORE up. I wasn’t expecting that at all and my quads are finally back to normal this morning. I am going to go do my mini trial tonight at the gym and see how everything goes, I am going to run 1.5 miles, bike 6 miles and swim 400 meters. The only thing I’m really worried about is the swim and doing everything right after each other. I guess this is a good place to start though, nice and short and see how things go. I hope I like it, I hope I don’t do terrible and I just hope I’m not last.

I guess my biggest fear is being so tired and not being able to keep going, which doesn’t even make sense, but I know if I get too tired or overwhelmed I can just walk and take my time. I guess this is a huge step for me in an really unknown area, but I hope it goes well!


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