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Salt Lake City Half Goals

Yesterfay morning we headed to Salt Lake City for work. I am also running the half marathon while I will be there. I didn’t realize that it was at such a high elevation for my lungs, which are currently at sea level.

That’s gunna burn, just a little bit. Alas, there will be beautiful scenery to distract my legs and lungs. I’ve really enjoyed the area thus far. We are staying in Park City and wow, gorgeous! I’ll have a ton of pictures once I get home!

So with that in mind, and the fact that I haven’t run more than 6 miles recently, I know I won’t be breaking any land speed records here. I am happy to be getting another half under my belt, and yup, another shiny medal to add to the collection.

I have been working out pretty hard so I hope my fitness holds strong, even in the higher elevation. I think I will also take my handheld water bottle with me since the temperatures will be around 80 degrees. I’m going to have a radical tank top tan!

So the A. goal is to finish around 2:15. I know I would have to push to get there, but it’s fairly feasible. I also don’t want to overdo it, like I did at Surf City this past February which flared up IT Band issues. I can’t get hurt because I have the CSULB reverse triathlon coming up and I want to try to not do ¬†terrible there. I want to enjoy the scenery, the race and my fellow participants. B goal is to finish before 2:30.

This will be my first out of state half marathon! Arkansas was my first out of state full, so this year looks like it’s all about running in new places! :) It will be fun no matter what, and I hope I enjoy it.

Unrelated to anything in this post: Has anyone tried on one-piece swimsuits lately? I recently tried on a few for the upcoming tri and goodness sakes are you crazy. Those pretty much are the worst looking things known to man kind.


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