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Salt Lake City 1/2 Race Recap

This past weekend I was in Salt Lake, Utah for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon. It was a little work and a little bit of running. I helped with the Gear Check area at the Start Line and as soon as the start of the race took off, I ran up to the start line and ran the race. So, Utah is beautiful. Like beyond amazing. Love the area, people and weather (while we were there).

It was pretty cool seeing all the stuff from when the Olympics were there, in 2002.

The views were pretty spectacular throughout the entire time I was there and the weather was perfect. It was a little warm on Saturday, race morning, but nothing that was unbearable if you were properly dressed and all sunscreened up!

View from the Start Line, the day before the race.

My co-worker and I from the top of the Legacy Bridge, aka the start line the day before the race

Even in Utah, I find portapotties to hug! :) Setting up wasn’t too bad the two days prior to the race, so that was nice. I carbo loaded the entire weekend with great food and some delicious Utah brews. Polygamy Porter anyone?! We actually stayed about 20 minutes outside of Salt Lake, in Park City and wow, it was beautiful.

Race morning came early through since we had to be there to help set up before the race. We arrived at 4:00 and started setting up gear check and helped participants with that. It was fun and the vibe at the start line is always exciting. I was tired but it was okay because as soon as I ran over to the start line and filled in with everyone else I was ready to run and excited to be on my way. I started my music and even though I was in the back it was a good way to start slow and then work up to my normal running pace.

I wish these photos were lighter because the scenery was just so pretty! Such a great area to run in. The miles ticked by rather quickly though and before I knew it we were at mile 4 and 5 and 6. I was enjoying running and the warm weather.

There were a few parts that we ran directly into the sun though, which made me super happy that I had my sunglasses. It was pretty hilly, not steep but a few ups and downs, but the race continued to go by quickly. I wasn’t feeling it in my lungs, and did try to drink a lot of water during the race, but my legs were pretty sore. I think it’s because of the elevation that they were extra sore because normally I don’t have issues with them getting super tired or cramping and they were hurting by mile 10. Since I was on my feet helping out all morning I also think my feet were tired by mile 10 because of that. It wasn’t too bad though and I just kept my eyes on the things around me that I was passing and enjoyed everything going on. Giving little kids high fives and thanking people for coming out always makes the miles go by quicker.

We ran through a lot of beautiful neighborhoods, a few really pretty parks and there were a few people out on the course cheering, holding up signs. It was fun to see the community come out a little bit to support the race. I got the same feeling that I had from Arkansas Marathon where people were so excited that the race was happening, so that was fun.

The last two miles were, in my opinion, pretty meh. You finish downtown and with heading downtown the area gets a little blah and more industrial, and the last mile was pretty much UPHILL. I wanted to die. My legs were pretty sore from the elevation and this did not help them. I walked the last part of the hill because I was pretty tired and sore thus far. Finally, I saw the finish line after I curved around the latter part of the hill and kicked it into high gear! Well not so much high gear, but I finished in 2:08 and was pretty happy with that. I also didn’t feel any pain in my IT band while running either, which was really good.

I am pretty stoked that it wasn’t as hard as I expected and I finished before 2:15. I wish I would have trained and pushed harder, but at the same time, I didn’t want to get injured and am looking forward to my mini triathlon this weekend!

The post race food was delish! Awesome Popsicles, chocolate milk, water, banana, I may or may not have taken two Popsicles. By the time I finished it was pretty hot out and I’m glad I wasn’t running the full. The medal has a little spinner thing on it too which is cool.

We flew back home Saturday night and I tried to stretch but I could tell my legs were really tight from the elevation and that hill at the end. It’s all in my quads which is weird because they never get that sore, but oh well. It was a great race with all the right amenities! I had a lot of fun and really loved spending some time in Utah. :)


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