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More Biking Updates

So I trekked home the other day on my bike and I must say, it was a little less scary than on the way to work! I tried to adjust my route to make sure that I didn’t get caught stuck on the freeway offramp/onramp section, but the little tweak I did in my route didn’t help and I got stuck without a crosswalk. Still needs a little tweaking but I’ll figure it out sooner or later.

This is me traveling half way home. This is my favorite part of the ride because it goes right by the airport, and you get to see all the planes and they take off right over your head. I am obsessed with watching planes and airports so therefore this is pretty fun for me.

If you look close you can see all the pretty JetBlue tails lined up! :) I love that part of the bike ride. I made it home safe and sound and now have a flat tire on my bike. Awesome!

It was actually pretty rewarding to bike to work, and though it’s kind of a trek, I really enjoyed it. I will be trying to do it more often when it’s warmer out. This week, sadly it’s suppose to rain, so therefore I’m NOT biking to work this week.

I know I will be fine for the reverse tri because last night at the gym on the stationary bike I rode 8 miles and it was much easier than normal. I ran to the gym, biked and then ran back home and felt pretty good, so now working on swimming, as the tri is quickly approaching as I have like three weeks to go! I’m glad I didn’t have this on my radar for a long time because I haven’t gotten that nervous about it or thought about it too much yet.

So biking is going well and I’m actually enjoying it when I’m not fearing for my life!



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