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Cheating at Stuffed Peppers

So possibly I grew up in a cave, but I have never even heard of stuffed peppers until I started blogging and it seems like some people out there looooove themselves some stuffed peppers. I mean I had never heard of Lilly Pulitzer and many other things before blogging, so maybe I did live in a cave. Anyways, I finally decided it was time to try the stuffed peps after some encouraging from my midwest sister, Nina. She swears by them and said they were super easy. They look super scary to me, so I opted to cheat and make them even easier. Maybe this is how everyone else makes them too, but I cannot mix my own stuff, so I used one of my favorite little things…


I start off making this and it’s way easier than making your own mixture :) I just make this as the oven is heating up, and then throw it in a bowl with the uncooked turkey and wha-la! Stuffed peppers that are way less time consuming, at least for me.

Throw them in your oven for an hour and you’ll have juicy peppers in no time. Believe me, when I pulled them out, I texted Nina, “Are they suppose to be juicy?” “YES!” HAHA. Seriously, they are not as intimidating as they seem!

I usually use:

4 peppers

1 package of Mexican flavored ricaroni

make ricaroni as directed on package

hollow out peppers as rice simmers

mix ricaroni and 1/2 lb of turkey in bowl. scoop into peppers.

place in oven for an hour 350. top with cheese when you have 10 minutes remaining on the timer.


Super easy meal and B loves them! :)


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